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From pooplog on 14.05.2003, 18:30:

  Psycle Status, May 2003

Hello Psyclers!

version 1.73 is coming soon. It's main focus is performance and bugfixes, rather than adding lots of features. I'm hoping to clear up a few more issues and get it rolled out to the public in the next few weeks.

It still needs more thorough testing, specifically with vsts. Here's a basic list of what i've done so far:

+ double clicking on pattern highlights that track (pooplog)
+ 64 tracks available! (might break some machines?) (pooplog)
+ play from start button (pooplog)
+ psycle now appends names of new machines with a counter if duplicate name exists (pooplog)
+ psycle can display machines' number (ie 02:Sampler) - toggleable (pooplog)
+ psycle now marks missing machines that were replaced by dummy with an X (pooplog)
+ machine and instrument cloning (from gear rack or right-click window) (pooplog)
+ moving wires, preserving volume, dragging triangles with shift moves destination. [alk] (pooplog)
+ background bitmaps in machine view - to clear it, pick cancel in file dialog (pooplog)
+ you can now select the size of the polygons/triangles (pooplog)
* new file format fixing a lot of problems, and incorporating FAST lossless data compression (pooplog)
* better memory management of pattern data (up to 10mb savings!) (pooplog)
* optimized machine indexing and also machine view rendering (pooplog)
* new cache.map file format with many improvements - making psycle open quicker for your pleasure (pooplog)
* machine names can be longer now (pooplog)
* more exceptions trapped on loading of vsts, more accurate data sent to pluginlog.txt (pooplog)
* replace and exchange functions in gear rack maintain connections (pooplog)
! sampler doesn't crash when no instrument is specified any more (pooplog)
! save as - pick an existing song, and it now asks if it is ok to overwrite (pooplog)
! error messages on file read/write problems (pooplog)
! vsts don't immediately crash psycle when they give an exception on save/load/instance any more (pooplog)
! master machine does not let clipping samples through when decrease on clip is set (pooplog)
! folders with .s are now working for plugins, vsts, skins, etc. (pooplog)
! songs with invalid connections are dealt with correctly (pooplog)
! pattern lengths no longer can be randomly changed by adding new/cloning patterns (pooplog)
! can't delete the master any more (pooplog)

we'll get this build out as soon as it's proven to be stable.


From pooplog on 16.05.2003, 11:09:


I've updated the list ^^^ with more new things.

I hope to get the testers going crazy on it this weekend so we can get this out a.s.a.p.


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