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From Gerwin on 16.11.2001, 09:52:

Some cool effects tips

Hello all,

while visiting http://www.databaseaudio.co.uk I came across some cewl effects, you definitely should check that page out!

Anyway, I really like the vst effect called "freeverb", I guess we all know it, but the latest version seems to have a freeze button which is soooo coool! Just experiment with it and you'll find out why

I also like this vibrator plugin http://www.netcologne.de/~nc-rehaagth/Vibrator.zip which can make those cewl Armin van Buuren sounds!!

well, share your thoughts people, cya !

Extra posted:
Well, it seems that the freeverb plugin isn't available on the official site anymore, but I'll post it when I'm home then
I think psycle's freeverb (based on older source code I guess) should be renewed too...

I'm a Psycle :D

From BJohan on 16.11.2001, 16:44:


About Yezar Freeverb *native* plugin and Yezar Freeverb *VST* plugin,
I wonder why Arguru masked the fact that it is somewhat the same DSP code: it only brings confusion to users.

From teknocide on 20.11.2001, 14:12:


I have been looking for the newer version of Freeverb for ages. I'd really appreciate it if you could upload it or send it over

From Gerwin on 20.11.2001, 15:11:


Hmm, I dunno if I have the latest latest version but it does have a freeze function


have fun

I'm a Psycle :D

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