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From DANCEnRg on 10.04.2003, 23:14:

  Psycle song Reviews


I'm writing my reviews of psycle songs,reviews seem too be quite short on many boards maybe because the actual person to review a song is the Artist themselves since only they truly know what sound they hear whilst producing it.And blowing your own trumpet of how fantastic you know your latest song is isn't the point of having a Review board for listeners feedback.

The first song I shall review is 'chin by loup' and I shall review any songs added to the psycle songs section after this song.

If you would prefer for me not too review your song because you think my reviews suck or whatever the reason just let me know and I won't Review them.


From DANCEnRg on 10.04.2003, 23:34:

  Loup - Chin

I feel the song 'Chin' by loup is best listened too when I'm in a relatively relaxed mood.The song is quite gentle and has a many Melody's and effects interacting with one another.

The beat as been well designed and fits the notes and strings well and adds too the relaxed overall feel of loup's sound.A nice use of bass achieves extra depth and works well with the base beats and makes the song feel complete,all in all a quality production.


From DANCEnRg on 11.04.2003, 00:10:

  Taika-Kim _-_ Acidalien

Acidalien by Taika-kim is a high Octane Acidic sound,using acid vibes and melodys and effects to give a sense of the Mystery of Alien life or what it would feel like to see a UFO.

This song is quite fast and can enhance a mood or feeling for movement and doing something active,a well produced song, though it users a Subject of the Unknown thus would be better if more experimental sound was also used,still this song has the sound to ignite the imagination.


From Taika-Kim on 11.04.2003, 10:39:


Wow, it's great to see some reviews not written about the artists themselves ;)

But hey, maybe you could be even more critical? Come on, just do it ;)

About my Acid Alien track:
It's one of those "a lot of perspiration and not very much inspiration"-pieces of work... I did very hard work to finish it, altough I'm not very happy with it overall. (except for the bassline & the delay llama sounds at the middle...)
I definitely agree in that I could have used some more imaginative & experimental sounds... It's just that I wasn't so utterly inspired by the way the track was taking after the beginning, so I just decided to finish it ASAP, taking familiar & tested routes :)

And, hey, it's 135 bpm, it's not that fast ;)

I hope I had internet at home, I would love to write reviews too... And now that the burners don't work at the Uni, there's not really any handy way of keeping up with new releases...

From Metanol on 11.04.2003, 15:31:


Hello. I am new here, I listened your song Acidalien Taika-Kim. Very nice, especially I liked sound quality. I looked from psy tunes board that you have been using lots of VST.s and VSTi.s.
Are they all freeware? I have to find them if they are.

Previously I have been using only Buzz, so it might take some time (or very long time, since I am quite lazy) to learn to use psycle. But Iīll try.

And have nice day, or whatever time you are reading this.

From Pikari on 11.04.2003, 18:52:


Welcome aboard!

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From ksn on 11.04.2003, 19:18:


thanks for the initiative DANCE'dude'nRg

@ksniod on twitter

From DANCEnRg on 11.04.2003, 23:31:


Ok KSN thanx, I Enjoy listening and writing about music

Original by Taika-Kim

But hey, maybe you could be even more critical? Come on, just do it

And, hey, it's 135 bpm, it's not that fast

Your right about the bpm taika-Kim, I should of wrote 'quite fast compared too the 'loups - chin' song' which was what I was comparing the speed too because I was listening to the songs as I wrote, so when ' Acid Alien ' began playing it felt pretty fast.

I wasn't holding back with the Reviews Taika-kim,though I guess I could go into more details of ways I hear that may add something more too the songs.Since psycle has many Artists @ different stages of learning music production and making different genres I'm just trying to give a relatively un biased review concentrating more on actual production/instrument quality and the general structure of the song.Rather than writing ' oh I love this Dance song' because I like beats or 'I don't really like this country and western song' because it's not really my thang.

So I'll try to give a balanced review taking into consideration that I don't know how long or how much the artist practices making music.
Also they will be more reviewed towards the positive points because thats just the way I am,I listen for the things I like and just kind of glance(reflect-listen) over the sounds I'm not into.
Like anything in life you can concentrate on the bits you like and be positive or pick out the bits you don't and be negative.I Like a balance though I prefer to keep more positive for many reasons, for one like in all things it's more constructive.

whilst Reviewing a song with criticism may have some positive results because the Artist may try to improve on these points.You can achieve just the same results by being positive about what in the song you feel can be improved upon though putting it in a way that is constructive

- I.E - This kinda sucks though I can hear what your trying to do have you tried doing this

as apposed to -

This kinda sucks have you thought about trying something different than making music like maybe becoming a monk and taking a vow of silence


From Taika-Kim on 13.04.2003, 10:01:


To Metanol:
No, I use commercial apps too.
These days I use Amplitube & Q-Metric on all my tracks, and a lot of other VSTs too.
For synths I usually use freeware stuff & samples, but it's the effects department where the quality of freeware apps is lacking usually.

There's also some post-processing on Acid Alien, Spectralizer, Waves L2 Ultramaximizer, Waves Stereoimager and.. Umm I Think a little Maxxbass. These are all commercial too

So, yes, technically I'm a thief.
Practically though, I think it's better I use my money on food & charity (relly, mostly these days!) than buying software...
Ok, a lousy excuse for piracy

From DANCEnRg on 14.04.2003, 12:39:


Original by Taika-Kim
Ok, a lousy excuse for piracy

Original by Pikari
Welcome aboard!

Are you guys sailors of somekind ?

Oi Oi Captain McFishFillets


From ksn on 14.04.2003, 23:23:


some words on recent tracks (i was a bit late in listening new releases... mmm and oh yes i usually don't review them anyway, even if i try to listen to all tunes released)

i'm not sure if i should post here or let this thread for DANCEnRg alone, but it's just some words :

loup : good to hear some nice idm tracks made with Psycle

Taika-kim : your 'acid alien' has very good sound ! nice production work !! and nice tweakings of Delay Lama this tune has so much power !

DANCEnRg : your 'organic creature' is quite sculptural !
strange and interesting piece of work. (i nearly saw the creature in front of me !)

Sam le clodo : i didn't find where the banjo sample came from

@ksniod on twitter

From Xcenoxyzs on 15.04.2003, 04:15:


Hmm not sure if this is the correct thread, not been here for a while

I just wanted to add a silly comment about Loup's Song Lepo.... it's great! I love the mood, the details in the drum, the rythm, the sound... it's good that's it

I wish I could be more constructive but I'm aiming to do something as precise therefore wouldn't know how to improve it

[Self Proclaimed King of the Flavor Garden]

From DANCEnRg on 15.04.2003, 23:45:

  Sam le clodo - Tom Buster is a cowboy

'Tom Buster is a cowboy by sam le clodo' is a sound that doesn't take it's self too seriously.
Lots of fun with a western style flavor.

This song shows how with alittle imagination and some knowledge of psycle effects and machines artists can design that sound which best fits the song.
A humorous song with nice special effects and a very clear quality sound straight from a Psy.


From DANCEnRg on 15.04.2003, 23:57:


'Lepo by Loup ' sounds too me like Subtle Ambiance with a gently moving break-beat,a peace of tranquility captured in 192k/bit mp3 .

A Very Well balanced song,it's playing sounds that have a high resonance and tonal quality yet theirs never a sign of out of harmony, and with the well place use of reverb with the beats & percussions, feels very relaxed and generally going with it's own uniquely designed flow.


From DANCEnRg on 16.04.2003, 23:09:

  D-503 - Psyops

Psyops by D-503 is this Artists first song released with psycle,as such it kinda rocks.Alittle more Attention on Details of sound and tunning of melodys and this would be a cool melodic Rock song.
As a First Attempt it's pretty good & I think D - 503 can do more too it to make it better.


From D-503 on 17.04.2003, 01:30:


Original by DANCEnRg
Psyops by D-503 is this Artists first song released with psycle,as such it kinda rocks.Alittle more Attention on Details of sound and tunning of melodys and this would be a cool melodic Rock song.
As a First Attempt it's pretty good & I think D - 503 can do more too it to make it better.

Thanks.. what do you think I could do to it, to make it better?

Death Ö Itís the only thing we havenít succeeded in completely vulgarizing.
- Aldous Huxley, Eyeless in Gaza (1936)

From DANCEnRg on 17.04.2003, 19:05:


Just some simple things,you've produced a nice melody.Now maybe add some extra Effects,changers,twists and turns.

Just like a painting it's often the finer more subtle details that make a picture, and just like with Vision also with sound, you can shape little details to give a perception of something different or something more than meets the eye/ears.Though Sound is more factual than vision,for example it's quite easy to tell when someone is faking a laugh because the emotion in the sound doesn't sound genuine ,it gives a received sense of faking it.But it's very easy to Fake the visual motions of a laugh or smile because they are simply physical movements that you see rather than the Actual physical movement/vibration that you hear with the best instrument we have for this,the ear.

So I guess with sound it's more shaping the individual sounds to form an expression of your/mine/his/her fact or truth about the way they feel.

Like knowing how you feel is quite simple,because your actually feeling it.It's trying too put these emotions into words when issues of expression may arise.Thats why all cultures use song and sound because a happy/sad song can translate an emotion in it's layers/textures/spherical quality words can't.
Cultures that lose this or use it as something other than a free emotional expression will be missing out on the point of music and be using it for a alternative motive,making money, and quite often the money will begin to matter more than the sound or be more of an importance than the Emotion.

Then issue will occur and beings will lose touch with sense and begin to do anything to make their sense of freedom,money.Even selling their own or their cultures beliefs out to the higest bidder.

Then we'd have huge community's who are 'sell outs' who are not really trying that much to make the life they want or live the way they feel is right.Their have just cashed it all in and settled for the pay check at the end of their week.

So to Answer your original question 'How do I feel your song could be made even better' add more layers and more texture of sound to give it more depth.

What kind of Depth and texture depends Entirely on how you 'The Artist' is wanting this song too feel,personally I hear that alittle more Grunge and some dirty sounds may have positive results on your song.


From DANCEnRg on 19.04.2003, 01:11:

  sas - tell me in my face.orchestral mix

A Very convincing Orchestral music production is 'tell me in my face' by sas.'Though not over convincing so it still has the computer synthetic sound feel along with the Orchestral feel which makes a very nice sound.
Musical and Melody's are fine and production is flawless.

From here sas can progress in many directions.Try and make a sound with psycle that is nearly iindistinguishable from an actual Orchestra.

Use his Piggy bank savings and rent out an entire philharmonic Orchestra.

Progress this sound onto something new with more collaborations of genre.

Go experimental and have a home made Orchestra made up of only kitchen-wear items and invite other psycledelics around to be in the ' spoon section ' of the Orchestra

whatever direction sas choosers to take his sound ,Its good to have so many Artists using Psycle o make such different kinds of music


From SAS on 19.04.2003, 21:41:


DANCEnRg, thank you very much for your feedback.

It wasn't my intention to make an orchestral song, when i started this tune. That idea came up later, when i had my hands on edirol hq orchestral. That one was started as a song that you can put somewhere in the electro-pop-corner. I just replaced most stuff with orchestral sounds. prolly that's why there's still that synthetic sound. But anyway, i like that feeling

And IMHO, the production isn't flawless at all. The're alot of issues that i can hear. But my claim is not the perfection. I dun care so much about mastering and that stuff. All i want is make music. Just want to turn my thoughts, feelings and everything else into something that i can hear. I never think something like ''how other people would think about that song ?'' . So, i'm just a musician (am i ?) and not a producer,marketing guy or anyone of those. My music is made for my personal entertainment. But, if anyone else likes that music as well - that's great. That gives me a very good feeling and a happy mood. That's some essential stuff to live

So it's really great for me to read , that you seem to like this song as well . Thank you .

Your idea for a "kitchen-item-orchestra" is great. personally i really love the ''STOMP'' guy's very much. Those guys going to make great rhythm sounds with almost everything they can get in their hands. So, a tune with ''spoon-and-knife-percussions'' wouldn't sound that bad to me (even the freezer can be used for some background-ambient ) .

Something as the "final words" :

Though, my main genre is the dance and trance music, psycle isn't meant for that only. As ksn already said, the last few weeks, showed us a wide range of different sounds, styles and possibilities. I really hope, that more people have the courage to post their stuff here. Even you think it could be crap. Sometimes, exactly that stuff - where you think that it's crappy - is a big resource of inspiration for someone. And isn't the whole scene something like a big "pool of inspiration and ideas" ?

Inspire - get inspired - go and make some noise .

- over and out

i appear, just to disappear again...

From DANCEnRg on 19.04.2003, 23:38:


Original by SAS

And IMHO, the production isn't flawless at all. They're allot of issues that i can hear. But my claim is not the perfection.

he he

It was a Quote for the moment.Like when your looking @ a beautiful view,I may say that natural Scenery is just so perfect and someone else will say 'no it's not, look @ old rotten tree blocking out allot of the view.

I could say ' I wasn't paying attention too that tree the beautiful scenery was shinning through'.

Or the imperfections just somehow make it feel so human or naturally imperfect which is natures way of being perfect.

Perfection is simply my expression for a feeling of the 'moment' when all just feels Kool and it's all too fine to let any possible improvements get in the way of that perfect feeling.

Because my perfection is progressive.I guess thats why when making music I can make a groove or melody and feel ' Oh yea! thats just right' then after a period of measured movement or time I'll begin to feel how it could be better.

Thats one of the tricky stages of mastering or finishing a song to know when to say ' Ok this is now complete ' and move onto another song.

For Instance are you making the song better or simply just making change because you fancy now a different sound ,or feel in a different mood to 10 minutes ago when you felt the song was perfect.

I think I tackle this ever changing progressive issue whilst music producing by finding the flavor and or general feel of the song and progressing it along those lines and keep my attention on the over quality of the sound as it improves,if the song begins to dis-improve then I stop adding to that song and do something different.

Anyway this thread is meant to be about song reviews so I better write this little sentence so as too keep this thread active along the lines of it's title.

So what I'm saying in essence is this 'Song Review' thread will not be flawless.I'm Reviewing songs in a way that is kinda a 'Lounge Music' review,just psycledelics playing their music and exchanging ideas of general music Gossip.

If you wanting a Magazine type review that will dissect your music and point out any small errors in production theirs plenty places to get one.This is just a laid back review based on what music is good @ ,Entertainment either because it's very good,bad,average,unique,silly,boring,commercial,free,dance,rock,roll,trance ,pop,garage,vocal or nursery rhyme.


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