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From ladproject on 31.03.2003, 13:02:

  Psycle2Buzz Adapter

im annoying i know..
but id like to test if Psycle plugs sound so cool also into an un-native host..

psycle plugs sound + buzz flexible sequencer = cool result, i wonder..!

just a suggestion.

lad_ at #buzz / efnet

dont judge me for my words but judge me for my music:

From druttis on 31.03.2003, 14:54:


Why shouldn't they sound the same?

The shortest way between point A and point B are most of the times also the slowest one. :evil:

From ZMatrix on 01.04.2003, 00:38:


I think buzz sucks so it does'nt worth the effort of doing it, I've worked with buzz a couple of years ago.
Buzz got no future because of the fact it will always stay in the 1.2beta something version.
Anyway, had it been possible to have a convertor of .psy to cubase files that could have been the gratest thing.

From ladproject on 04.04.2003, 11:38:


true.. no real reson cause they may sound the same...

but i like the sound of some Psycle synths and so..
plz improve the Psycle sequencer soon (JAZ?? )...
the actual one is a bit evil..

Zmatrix: maybe u don't know how use Buzz and u prefere to use CPU-sucker and expensive software like CUbase SX and the rest..

i can create things with Buzz + Pentium III 500 + 2 wav samples + crappy audio card that you will never able to create with a Pentium IV 3Ghz + Cubase SX + a lot of warez sample cds + Terratec audio card..

no war, and this is not a buzz board, so its not right to talk about things are not Psycle-related..

sorry, Psyclers.. but im really angry when i read discussions that starts with "that software sucks, my WAREZ copy of Cubase SX/Live 2.0/ Sonar v2.2/ rocks"...

see u later (hope in a minus hostile mood!)


dont judge me for my words but judge me for my music:

From ZMatrix on 04.04.2003, 17:05:


Hi man, was'nt talking of Cubase SX... Was talking of Psycle...
Anyway, there's a point about what you said, you got a lot of instruments in Buzz, some are good some are bad but in general you got a variety.
Anyway, "Sucks" is just a matter of personal taste so dont get offended, I once worked with buzz, made awesome things in it, later moved to Cubase and now moved to Psycle.
Just a matter of my personal taste is that psycle is more comfortable to me and Psycle got the future, something which you must agree with me that Buzz dont have and its too bad cause musicians could have benefit from it.
Anyway , Bye for now...

From DANCEnRg on 05.04.2003, 02:49:


Yea! am gonna stick my two peneth in

LadProject,I think everyone knows that you prefer Buzz,maybe just because you your not trying to adapt to using a tracker interface instead of Buzz's sequencer Interface.

Look at it this way.The Buzz Sequencer,what does it do?it sequencers the 'tracks' of the individual machines that you assign notes in just like a tracker.

The difference?

Their isn't one,it's just a bar scrolling down the screen which will trigger parameters,apart from with psycle you can see the parameters without having to open up another window.

Their are things in life that others enforce on you that suck '

For Example ','m just reading 'BBC News statistics' that show the world actually has an epidemic of deaths related to Traffic pollution and people in city's are dying younger because of air pollution,according to research'.

'A study, published in the journal Occupational Environmental Medicine, found that the poisonous gas carbon monoxide, found in the exhaust fumes of cars, severely reduced exercise performance.

It is known that carbon monoxide can produce abnormal heart rhythms in patients with existing coronary heart disease.

And the research, carried out, suggests that the gas released by traffic can work its way into the skeletal muscles of healthy people and reduce their capacity for exercise.'

Now these a issues which really suck,the issue of psycle having a sequencer is minimal.


p.s - these statistics of death were from the year 2000,since than traffic has grown more and more and more beyond any care for health only a public whose self interests don't seem to be a healthy one.

Maybe just another bunch of words echoing out into individuals ears who are too set in their ways ever to make their own individual stance for health thus happiness, but as the children get Asthma and more Adults die from respiratory or cardiovascular problems at least I can cough that I tried to tame the beast.


From MrToast on 05.04.2003, 06:23:


Well, carbon monoxide really sucks.

However, Psycle will be a lot better (in my opinion) if it ever gets a multi-sequencer. I always start my songs in Psycle, but have to move them over to Buzz to finish them because I lose track of everything in Psycle with all the cuts and pastes.

From Pikari on 05.04.2003, 12:58:


How is carbon monoxide related to Psycle?

DANCEnRg loves to write.

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From DANCEnRg on 05.04.2003, 22:15:


'DANCEnRg Loves to write '

Not as much as I love to Breath Pikari .

This psycle thread was just my expressive outlet for the carbon monoxide poisoning,and I guess its as good a place as any too write this because theirs allot of young dudes use psycle so these facts can only help you avoid unhealthy living environments,I'd just been for a train/walk to a Big reservoir and because I had to walk 1 Mile along a very busy road by the time I arrived My eyes were stinging,my nose was sore and my sense's were too traffic pounded to Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and sounds at the reservoir.

And I just felt what is this level of traffic doing too individuals who live,work and breath by it.So when I got back I did some searching on the internet and found that research had been carried out and scientific fact to backup my feelings that traffic noise and pollution were not only causing Obvious problems, they are also causing psychological problems and changing peoples naturals behavioral patterns.

I just write it here because it's difficult too express these facts where I live because people will hate you for it,even though your telling them that what they are doing is damaging their own health,they hate you because if this is true what does that makes them.what does that make them if their knowingly damaging their and others health but don't really care, or which is the main issue ,that they are living in a society that facts and health come a second priority to money unless laws are made too protect the individual from the money making industry.

England has a History of using money and work to have people living and working in terrible conditions,though many industry's have been forced to give better working conditions by modern laws.

Now the ill health conditions have moved out of the factory's and into the community's with heavy traffic.The facts are carbon monoxide is a very dangerous poison,the car industry's use tactics too stop traffic laws being applied.

All I'm doing is showing the facts,the truth that doesn't get advertised in the car advert.If I get hated in my society for merely showing facts than what kind of society do I Live in ....?Dunno whats a word you would use for someone hating you for telling them the truth.

In-denial, and it's a dangerous denial that can overlook a sense that themselves & nature is being harmed.

I Think the psycle board should have a 'Anything goes thread' where anything can be wrote about.I'm shocking @ keeping to a script of content .

I Don't see any harm in a Psycle2Buz Adapter if one of the Buzz coders wants to code one,psycle is open an open source project so surely if it's wanted in the Buzz community it can be made.


From ksn on 05.04.2003, 23:21:


/me appreciates DANCEnRg's posts

ps : and having an 'everything goes' board could be a brilliant idea

@ksniod on twitter

From DANCEnRg on 06.04.2003, 12:39:


The Appreciation is a worth I love,ta!.


From Pikari on 06.04.2003, 13:07:


Hmm. Yes, it's important to know the dangers of this kind of things (traffic, CO, etc.). Off topic board would be great.

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From MrToast on 06.04.2003, 18:28:


On the other hand, carbon monoxide was shown to be useful in heart surgery, so maybe it's not so bad after all! Up with carbon monoxide!

From Pikari on 06.04.2003, 20:27:


MrToast: It depends of where that CO is.

In the air we breathe - bad
In the surgery - good?

I need some more CO.

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From DANCEnRg on 06.04.2003, 22:07:


I feel it's healthy to keep the the fact that we are 100% natural,all our body's are made up of only natural substance.
I may be a different being consciously than plants and animals, though I certainly have exactly the same natural sense's and physical makeups of other creatures of this natural world.So living within environments that keep our sense of being natural with trees,plants,animals and all their natural soundZz will also keep us feeling like our selves.

Living within Environments and systems that are too machine like with machine noise and the controlling influence they have to keep them running can and does cause society's a natural structural breakdown and things go horribly wrong as people act in a unnatural way in their unnatural environment.

I Feel that some people have been brought up to be miss lead about their Identity's,mainly because of the way some schools do ( or at lease did when i went too school ) educate them about how 'science' understands us.

Science maybe able to measure and map our biological systems and use scientific process to show how our body's function and work.
Though science can not produce life it's self,it may be able to take a fingerprint or cell that already has life and manipulate it etc etc.though Science can take all the known 'materials' of life and put them together,but it hasn't a concept of how to breath actual life into these materials.

Like with the legend or story of 'Frankenstein' where a scientists users the power of electricity from lightning to breath life into something that has no life.

This is science Fiction and because 'I' or life is more than it's mere material makeup science hasn't the tools to measure the un-material existence or spirit if you prefer.Many know and feel the human spirit exists and a million story's,legends,religions,myths and theory's are integrated into humanity's imaginations too try and understand that which can't be photographed,calculated or easily described with words.

Music for me is the sound which is best able to put our spirits into a shared medium.

This is the kind of reasonning I use for my beliefs centered using my sense's to guide them.

It's like many say 'well I like to do this because I enjoy it!' but in alot of case's it's a miss informed second best Enjoyment.

Like with Fizzy high sugar drinks 'Your informed with adverts that they are very cool and you Enjoy Consumming them because they taste nice '

Though you won't be informed by the sellers that the large amount of sugar in these drinks is quite unhealthy and once the quick and short lived sugar rush pass's it may leave you feeling down or de-energiized because these High Sugar drinks are a very poor source of sustainable energy.

Now if you listen and feel your natural body and it's Rhythms you'd Acquire or rather learn to understand the natural sense or instinct that 'Actually the more natural things are the best for you and you'd enjoy the natural taste and the after affects of fruit juicemuch more'

Also quite often just doing something that you know is healthy for you can be as much of a tonic as the actual doing it.

So like with traffic,sure people get enjoyment from driving though is it a second best enjoyment that eventually due to pollution and the lack of movement will have the drivers being unhealthy,feeling unnatural,irritable,hedonistic and out of touch with nature.Once their out of touch with nature they may not care that the things or lifestyle they live are harmming nature thus themselves,and even though they maybe quite unhealthy thus relatively unhappy they don't know how or can't feel why living once again more naturally will replenish that Natural loving feeling.

Thats what True Love or and lust is 'It's an All natural feeling ' not governed by judgment nor given with political policy or conditioned with a business ethic.

Feel it Because you like it you can give as much as you wish,because your not giving it away,you are just feeling and sharing that feeling with others.

Love and sexy feelings haven't a Run out level like money,you can share it and share it and share it and you'll still have loads left because it grows and heals when it is shared and expressed .

Unconditional love isn't some saint like unselfish principle that is hard to live by,It's simply getting out of the habit that when you share love with someone ,that like with money, they should Automatically be giving you some love back in return.

When you share love your not losing or having less of something unlike with money,so once someone gets into the habit that they can feel love or a sexy feeling to someone or something they feel attracted too without expecting any return from this object of desire then you are finally fully in control of your feelings by actually letting them be free and unrestricted by rules taught in a money minded society.


FreeLove is the only one of worth,anything else lacks meaning other than a learning curve too the only meaning in life,too live forever and I 'mean' forever,any other meaning would have an end thus couldn't be a meaning because meaning must have fact for it too have value,we all share meaning because we all share forever and we are all one and the same person,who?,you of coarse,you readiing this are the one.

Thats another long post by me ha well I guess I've got the time too spend

P.S - If you don't like reading my long posts,like erm don't read them than ,their only taking up a fraction of data space.


From MrToast on 06.04.2003, 23:18:


Machines, also, are made of 100% natural stuff. As for sexy, I've seen some pretty sexy drawings of robots. I want one of those robot chicks tonight!

From ladproject on 07.04.2003, 11:27:


LadProject,I think everyone knows that you prefer Buzz,maybe just because you your not trying to adapt to using a tracker interface instead of Buzz's sequencer Interface.


1) on Psycle board im not well known like on Buzzmachines.com board and Buzz scene in generally,
because here im just a passive reader and only sometime i post a message.

2) why i must adapt to another interface when it doesn't give me the flexibility i need for making my complex clix+cuts/glitch music??

you listen to my songs, so u know what im talking about..



dont judge me for my words but judge me for my music:

From DANCEnRg on 07.04.2003, 14:23:


Original by MrToast
Machines, also, are made of 100% natural stuff. As for sexy, I've seen some pretty sexy drawings of robots. I want one of those robot chicks tonight!

But the sexy robot chicks only look sexy because they have human features,when was the last time you did fondle the washing machines in a sexy way....?I know some people find cars sexy because they can represent to those who are turned on allot by Objects an expression of their Sexuality and Ego and status within their perceived definition of success,and they can have slight human features with headlamps and grills giving a humanized facial expression,just like in the kiddies cartoons..

But I Reckon just like with the sexy lady bots it's only because they may not have the natural thang.

'Machines, also, are made of 100% natural stuff'

Ermm..?sorry dude I disagree,My Definition of 100%Natural stuff has conscious life running through it ( fish ) or had non aware conscious life running through it ( Apple ) machines haven't nor will they ever be able to hold life just like with frankenstien this is science fiction ,because life is 100% nature and only present in the things that are inter-connected within life,the machines are a few materials that have never had any 'conscious life running through them -I-E Metal.

Metal has no feeling,you can hit metal as hard as you want and insult it and you will never get a felt response,alternatively you can take your sexy lady robot and bonk her for forever.She may make all the noise's and say in her mechanical way that she loves you but it will be all 'Fake'.

Without the feeling ends all meaning, feelings never end,true meanning has no pretence every feeling means exactly how it feels to mean.

P.S - Mr toast I mean no Disrespect too you or your Lady Bot,in-fact if she's free one night you can send her over to my house.

Batteries Included please!


From DANCEnRg on 07.04.2003, 15:07:


Original by ladproject
you listen to my songs, so u know what im talking about..



Ok Lad project I'm certainly not suggesting that using Buzz would cause you too make less quality songs,why would it.It's just that Different music programs promote or are easier for making certain kinds of songs.So the difference with making a song with Psycle maybe be Refreshing for you.Like I said you Have to constantly Adapt too your new surroundings,If you try and make the same kind of song you make in Buzz in psycle you will have issued because you would of designed a method that worked well in Buzz.

A new Program works best with it's own methods,Using Psycle also to make music can only help because what you learn from one program you translate and use in another program.Like theirs quite allot of Artist that use Buzz & Pyscle whilst preferring one or the other for their main songs.

Sure A sequencer would be nice,but I wouldn't want Psycle to become a Buzz clone because 'theirs only one Buzz ' psycle has it's own unique flavor.


From ladproject on 10.04.2003, 13:41:



i got the point of what u are saying...
anyway, i don't imagine Psycle as a Buzz-clone, i never thinked this since the first beta i tested (Psycle 1.4..?)...

Psycle is just a modular music production software like Buzz.. the main differences are that:

a) Buzz is supported by a lot of damn great developers
who dont like so much to port their machines to
Psycle cause they dont like Psycle
sequencer/interface and so dont use it;

b) Psycle sounds great, expecially for pads and
ambient stuff but has few machines while Buzz has
a big quantity of machines (dont tell me about Vst!
i know i can use VST but i hate them and i prefere
native stuff anyways...)

c) Psycle is still too much linked with FT2-like tracker
world and i think it needs to change since the
basement the interface and the sequencer if it wants
to became a really interesting project (and so add
more devz to the staff);

so, i think Psycle has a great potential.. i know that the [JAZ] and the coders crew are working a lot for us and i appreciate.. but.. uhm.. why not more GUI-stuff in the machines?? why not more graphix??

there are a lot of guys around here who likes a lot to make graphix stuff.. why do u not involve them in the Psycle project? can Psycle project be enlarged to other people?

just wondering..


/me part

dont judge me for my words but judge me for my music:

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