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From Breakthru on 28.12.2001, 19:56:

minor bugs and some suggestions for RC2

Hello all! I hope your having a nice time!

I know RC2 has been reported as "unstable" but I'm using it anyway (it's really stable for me compared to other apps... no names... well just one: Buzz )

I've found some bugs.. I don't know if they have been reported... so sorry if so.
This post is rather huge but I prefer explaining things clearly from the beginning. Also, I've included some suggestions as well...

minor bugs

- each time I start Psycle, I have to swap to the pattern view to have MIDI In working.
- mouse selected areas sometimes change in length while moving from a pattern to another. Visual bug only. (selection remains the same).
- also when either moving or editing something inside or outside a selection changes the selection's length as above.
- haven't been able to reproduce this one but it happened several times: in pattern editor greyed line disappear from a track. If that row was the 32 and I put a note in it, the note will be played as it were in row 28!
Moving to another pattern and coming back to this one (way to "refresh") shows that the note is really on row 28... (putting it back in its place solves the problem... though this is strange...)


- double clicking on the pattern automatically selects next empty pattern.
(let me explain why I'd find this useful: putting the pattern number matching the Order number is a good idea but when you insert a pattern that breaks this logical progression, you have to set every next pattern manually:

05: 05
06: 06

you have a new idea and you add 4 patterns. Assume next free one is number 12:

05: 05
06: 00 (insert automatically puts 00... to set next free pattern (12) you have to do 18 clics on the "+" button!)
07: 00 + 19 clicks
08: 00 + 20 clicks
09: 00 + 21 clicks
0A: 06

That's rather annoying, mostly when those new patterns are only slight variations... sometimes I don't do this just by thinking to the amount of time and useless work I have to do to achieve this...

Btw, for those you don't know, here is a better way to increase quickly pattern numbers: "shift + UP Arrow or DOWN Arrow".
Clicking is unhealthy (I'm not kidding here...), so spare us those HUNDREDS of additionnal clicks per song

- double clicking on a track selects it

- automaticly fill machine and Pars. columns when adding an effect in the effect column that needs them (if empty row).
--- .. .. 0210

automatically becomes

--- 05 02 0210 (where machine 5 and parameter 2 are selected)

I hope this will help...

Thanks a lot, Psycle is so great...


From sampler on 29.12.2001, 12:05:

....some more suggestions

good suggestions Breakthru....

i would like to see this features:

- Pattern sequencer like the one in Impulse Tracker...., i mean new order called '--'. When u create a new song every oders are '--' which means no patterns.
- This way song length may be automatically calculated from the begining of order to first '--' order. ....understand?

what do u think?

Peace & Psycling

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

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