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From nails on 20.02.2003, 03:06:


at the moment im using fruityloops, but am occasionally looking for an alternative (cos my version of fl is *ahem* - and moral issues etc) a few qns:

it's a tracker style thing (like buzz, which ive tried)....does that mean that the notes must be quantised? (like can i shift the drums a little bit so they sound more human?) when i tried buzz, i found no way to do that.... ... . ...

can you save files as wav/mp3?

thanks, that's all i can think of now....

From FingerSoup on 20.02.2003, 05:14:


My personal advice regarding your Moral issues, is to dump any loop-based software (ACiD, FL, etc). Many people use it to make really repetitive music, because they re-use the same loops over, and over, and over, and ov... You get the drift. Don't get me wrong, you CAN create cool things in FL, but with trackers, you have less of a tendancy to repeat massive sections, because you can modify your drum beats, etc... without having to hack apart a loop, then rebuild it... If you do it properly, you can build EVERYTHING from scratch, in a tracker. Having said that, here are some answers to your questions:

Typically, trackers have default accuracy (ie: 16th note accuracy in psycle by default). Most trackers make it difficult to change this accuracy. You have increase your interval of your beat highlight, and decrease the "Ticks per beat" speed.

Psycle makes this method easy: increase the "lines per beat" to give yourself more accuracy. Psycle allows up to 32 lines per beat. This means you can get accuracy within a 128th note of what you want. Just remember to increase your pattern length accordingly as well, because the default number of lines per pattern is 64 (Thus only giving you half a 4/4 bar at 32 lines per beat) While this is "Quantized" as you said, the quantization can be adjusted to the point where you have almost an indistinguishable pinpoint accuracy. In fact, I just did an interesting test with Psycle, and found that you can make fairly convincing up and downstrokes on a guitar, by using nothing more than a plucked string machine and Lines per beat set to 32.

The other method other trackers use, is to delay a note. Basically, you can delay notes for a portion of a beat, and thus give you a more "human" drum beat. Likewise in Psycle, if you are using the sampler, you can delay notes coming out of the sampler by giving the 0EDx command in the last column of your track, where x is a hex value between 0 and F (F being the hex value 15), which represents the number of "frames" to delay that note. Take a look at:
tweakings and commands.txt
in the docs directory of psycle for more info on sampler commands.

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From ksn on 20.02.2003, 09:25:


answer to your second question : yes you can save to .wav

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