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From alk on 27.01.2003, 19:59:

alk's skin helper app

check it out =)


From alk on 27.01.2003, 22:24:


oops there was a little bug which made the info in the bottom bar incorrect =P



From alk on 28.01.2003, 09:59:


=D another tiny update


From alk on 28.01.2003, 19:08:


erm another update :P

I should test more :>

hope it works properly now


From odo on 28.01.2003, 21:54:


but when i open the file i get a error

it needs comdlg32.ocx


From FunTOM on 29.01.2003, 09:56:

Original by odo
it needs comdlg32.ocx

get the lib here
You don't even have to copy it into system, just let it in the dir where you have skinner.exe.

FunTOM 8)
learns english from tv shows and movies

From alk on 29.01.2003, 12:10:

thnx funtom

another essential update here


p.s. feedback is welcome

From pooplog on 17.05.2003, 07:03:


Great tool alk, saves some of the tedium for sure.

My turn to ask alk for features

Could you make it so i am placing the buttons when i am setting the destination so i can ensure that they are lined up? (like i am dragging that part of the image around)? Same with vus. Pan handle: set right and left positions maybe?

That would make it even easier


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