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From alk on 12.01.2003, 04:01:

2 skins / 4 themes from Alk

finally back in edinburgh after xmas hols :-) happy 2k3 everyone


From Schitzo on 12.01.2003, 05:47:


I've been lookin' forward to the orange ones ever sice I saw a screen cap of them on this board a while back. They look great!

From daskizzle on 14.01.2003, 02:16:

Phreakin' beautiful skins. Looks like you got to the transparent feature before anybody else. The pattern section of the large gold skin reminds me of when I first used MadTracker.

Great job.

From alk on 14.01.2003, 09:55:


thanks buddy! glad you like them =) the gold skin is inspired by Amiga/ST demo gfx, the orange skin is inspired by nectarine demoscene radio.. more in the pipeline

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