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From DANCEnRg on 08.01.2003, 05:43:

  themes / skins

How do I install these themes or and skins so they install fully?


From krokpitr on 08.01.2003, 07:40:


What is your problem?
I do the following... Just unpack the skin archive to the \Program Files\Psycle\Skins directory. It's works here. If you run Psycle during the unpack, please exit from and start it again. Choose Configuration - Settings... from the menu and click on Load in the Theme Options section. Choose a .psv -file.

Bye, krokpitr
http://krok.fw.hu - zscsoka@hotmail.com

From DANCEnRg on 09.01.2003, 04:34:


No problem

I'd mistakenly named my skins directory 'themes' so they were'nt showing up in the skin tab.

Changed the dir name to skins and it's loading them up fine now

P.s - Thanx for all the skins guys their really cool for setting the mood of the song


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