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From Anaki_Muon on 14.12.2002, 14:57:

SF2/Instrument kill questions

Hi. I'm new on this board. This is my second post.

Er... right. Anyway, how can I load up SF2 files to use with Psycle? Is there a good VST instrument for this?

Also, is there a key I can input in to pattern editor to kill an instrument sound until the next note is hit? I want to have a pad hum along, and then have it stop, without muting the track. And no, I'm not looking for the "1" key, as that still allows long fade-outs, echos, and what not. I'm looking for that key which implements a quick and final fade-out to a note.

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From [JAZ] on 14.12.2002, 16:29:


I am thinking on using the unused "aux" column for the "off" note ( key "1" as you mention) to allow the user to speficy a "different than default" fadeout.
There are just a few problems with this:

No plugin supports this right now (I suppose that a workaround with VST's could be found, but not right now with native).
The other problem is that between psycle 1.6 and 1.7, that column has been randomly filled by unused data. (the position in the wave combobox).

I will add this to the todo, to see if something can be done with it.

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From MrToast on 14.12.2002, 19:12:


I use VSTis to loads SF2 files. Try odo's SFPlay. Or esef or Fontaminator from experiment4.

From Anaki_Muon on 21.12.2002, 10:59:


Hey [JAZ], thanks for seeing if you can do anything with that- it's much appreciated!

MrToast: Thanks for the help!

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From odo on 21.12.2002, 22:23:


here is the link for sf-play



From Xcenoxyzs on 22.12.2002, 21:28:


Odo: I've been settling on using your SF player since it really seems to be better than the other I tried...

However I do have this question: how are the SFs loaded/unloaded?

For some reason, when I unload a SF from the module, it's file become "locked" in explorer.exe so I cannot delete or rename it until I quit psycle...

Keep up the good work. Now.

[Self Proclaimed King of the Flavor Garden]

From odo on 24.12.2002, 23:19:


there is a new version of synthedit

and also a better soundfonts player
Soundfont modules and Wave In - Fixed interpolation bug
Sountfont Player - Looping fixed
Sountfont Player - Removed numbers from Load Dialog filename
SF Player, SF Osc - Now support stereo samples <-----
SF Player - Fixed note-on Click
but i must rebuild the plugin and that takes some time
i`m working on a bass synth


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