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From [JAZ] on 03.11.2002, 23:23:

Psycle Status, November 2002

Hi there, sorry for not releasing an "october" issue :P

Well, the things go this way:

Pooplog and I are working on the code.
He has already added:

* Undo/Redo (both, pattern and sequence changes)
* Midi CC to cmd/twk's recording
* mouse Tweak recording
* Next with the two previous ones, a better realtime note entering, using "armed" channels (new button to select tracks)
* Better sequencer, more buttons (more options)
*Several other cleanups and improvements

Currently he's working on improving the pattern editor (I was fixing other things, so he took my unfinished work), and probably will be adding more MIDI options and some new plugins.

About my work:

* Gone after bugs/leaks.
* Improved the VSTHost
* Improved other parts of the code
* Helped pooplog adding some of the features.

(Doh! It looks like If I hadn't done anything!!!!)

well.. the todo list is still big, and the whatsnew.txt doesn't stop growing.

With this, I hope that a version could be released at the end of the month, or so. Maybe before, maybe after.
It all depends on what we want to put in the final version, and how many bugs escape :P

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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