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From austin on 13.10.2002, 22:38:

  multiple simultaneous sampler commands (eg vol+retrig)


I'm new to psycle, but I've used a lot of other music environments before.

Is there a good way to set the volume for a note in the sampler and do something else (like a retrig) at the same time? It seems like a severe limitation, especially without a volume column. Otherwise, the only thing I can do is set the global volume for the sampler using a twk. But that's pretty kludgy because I can't play another sample at a different volume.

Since samplers commands can't be issued by twks (since they are tied to an instance of a note)... is there generally a good way to deal with multiple simultaneous commands for samplers?

Otherwise, I like the program. Takes care of some of my interface gripes of Buzz nicely...


From Pikari on 14.10.2002, 14:14:


no, unfortunately you can't change volume and use other pattern commands at the same time.

That sucks. I have already asked a few time a special tweak command which would affect only on pattern commands or something.

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From [JAZ] on 14.10.2002, 22:54:


I hope that we can solve this soon (read months, as opposed to years :P). Some steps are being done towards this (new fileformat, to allow putting data, for example).

About the suggestion Pikari did, It could work, but I need a new keyword for it, and the keyboard is already full. maybe using a "Fxxx" command (Fxxx commands are reserved to Tracker).... Very confusing still..

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From bdzld on 21.01.2003, 17:49:


"maybe using a "Fxxx" command (Fxxx commands are reserved to Tracker).... Very confusing still.."

thats a good idea - i'd like to see that too =) You could restrict multi-effects to single sampler voices perhaps to make it less confusing.


-- -.^ dazzled

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