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From funkman_166 on 14.09.2002, 03:18:

Need RoyaltyFree Voice Samples

Hey if any one has links to places where they got real royalty free samples that has voices and people talking or something like that then just post them on here! They are so rare and I'm looking and looking and can't find them for my songs Hey I need them to be made for commercial uses as well, is that possible? and if also you know any links where they sell royalty free voice sample cds then just post them here too ok guys? I need them so badly for that extra touch in my songs



Dark Funk on Tube

Dark Funk on Myspace.com

From Hakyoku Seiken on 09.11.2004, 02:43:



Check the vocals section.

Copy and paste this link to hear random audio by me, mostly unfinished:


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