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From jeotero on 07.09.2002, 18:45:

  no sound

i downloaded psycle, then i downloaded some of the psycle files, i open them, hit play but no sound any help ?

From alk on 07.09.2002, 18:55:


goto configuration menu, input/output, sound output, direct sound


From MrToast on 07.09.2002, 21:17:


I assume that this is everyone's first experience with Psycle (it was mine). Why not just have Pscyle default to this?

From jeotero on 08.09.2002, 15:42:


he he , it works now

can anybody tell me why its silent by default ?

From [JAZ] on 08.09.2002, 19:04:


I don't really know why, but that's the default.
I had it mind several times to change it, but I just didn't.
I think I will have to add it to my todo.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From jeotero on 09.09.2002, 05:01:


or maybe just create a configuration manual or the first time it launch remind people to go and check their preferences.

From LordGalvar on 09.09.2002, 09:31:


I don't know. I'm new to PSYCLE and I didn't have a problem. I kind of liked having to chose my output device. I don't use directsound right now. I have problems with it. Oh well, I don't really know the point of this whole damn post. Eh. I need to make friends. Image that, someone with the name-prefix of Lord can't make a damn friend; imagine that.


Lord Galvar-
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From Pikari on 09.09.2002, 09:56:


Maybe that configuration thing could be added to those psycle docs for beginners that already exist. (though the problem may be soon gone if [JAZ] adds it to his TODO)

If you take a look at my posts you'll see that they don't really have to have any points

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everyone's a friend of mine
My friend moonshine
really makes the things roll by

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From LordGalvar on 09.09.2002, 11:33:


But remember Pik, you are the master of SHORT and unclear messages. Mine last for hours on end. Lucky you people get the short end, because I could be telling you about something that happened in the 1980s to a friend of my uncle that might have nothing to do with the something we wern't discussing, but I was thinking might be kind of funny to bring up. The only thing is that its not funny unless you are hopped up on Old English Malt Liquor. That also happens to be the best drink in the world, but I do have class you know. I don't expect anyone else to respect that, for I am the Lord.

Lord Galvar-
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