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From ToX on 10.09.2002, 09:46:


There's a software that permit you to imagine a logical creation of a sound ( with VCF , VCA, LFO, wires and all the tralala ) . His name is Virtual Waves .

It's not free ( sniff ) , but there are evaluations versions that can make sounds so you're not definately forced to crack it =)

Try it !! You'll can have a very particular sound with it .

Psyclers , go go go !!

From [JAZ] on 10.09.2002, 12:06:


Since noone has yet told about them, I should told you about mda DrumSynth ( http://www.maxim.abel.co.uk/drumsynth.htm ) and Stomper ( http://www.master-zap.com/ )

They are two standalone applications designed to make drums (can change Envelopes, waveforms...)

They come with some premade ones, and generally can record to wav.

Also there's a VSTi Plugin which is a drum generator called "DrumDragon", from Wantech ( http://www5.plala.or.jp/wantech/vst/ ) , which is (now) freeware.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From LordGalvar on 10.09.2002, 12:28:


I like drum dragon alot. And that drum synth program is nice too. I just always forget about them. You could always take a drum sample that you kind of like and put them through some real analog filters if you have them, like overdrives and EQs and then resample. Maybe even a bass amp if you have it. If you have a real subtractive synth sitting around, use that too. I guess I am jsut trying to figure out why I have 5 synths, 2 drum machines, and lots of other Equipment sitting here if all I use is PSYCLE. I guess thats a compliment for you JAZ =).

Or put them onto tape and cover the tape in highlighter. Oh I guess thats why my tape deck doesn't work well anymore.

Well, actually, here is an idea. The first kick sounds I ever used in songs were made by me messing with sound effects. You could try a microphone and various wind manuvers on it. Or maybe hit it on the table and sample that. Condence and Envelope. Or actually kick something and sample that. Pik, go crazy on that damn kick, so him who is THE boss.

If I don't make sense, let me know I will clarify.

Yea, I know, I can't shut-up.

Lord Galvar-
::[!Band-Aids and Face-Paint!]::

From LordGalvar on 10.09.2002, 12:33:


BTW, I have never used a 909, 808, or any other Roland Drum Machine (not even a sample of one). I am actually proud of that. I love my Alesis HR-16 and I like the damn Kawai R-50, but the interface makes absolutly no sense. I don't know why I said that other than to win credibility for my last post, seeing that you didn't want any overused Roland Kicks, Pikari.

Lord Galvar-
::[!Band-Aids and Face-Paint!]::

From Pikari on 10.09.2002, 14:04:


Only mic I have ATM cost 15 or something. Maybe I'll make some noise with it I once tried to sample some kicking/messing sounds.

Now that I remember, I even used my dad's gold record (one that an artist gets when his albums sell XXXXX copies). The old LP didn't "like" it.

I gotta try those synths [JAZ] mentioned, when I'm home...

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From KooPer on 15.09.2002, 21:03:


TNX for tip for DrumDragon
And BeatCreator:


From SmG on 14.06.2005, 11:05:


Original by Hockinfinger
In the old days (way back in the 20th century) some trackers used to use the same kick drum sample simultaneously on 2 different tracks, one played at a half step interval from the other.

I did, I did!!!!

From TranceMyriad on 14.06.2005, 12:15:


geez mate, talk about reviving old posts!



From SmG on 14.06.2005, 22:09:


Oops, sorry..

From DMNXS on 21.06.2005, 12:17:


propos Stomper: It's been slightly updated and his going to come out as a (commercial ) VSTi!

From minifrog on 20.01.2006, 04:17:


This is an old thread, but what teh hey! Just discovered this:
Just dl'd a vst called "edge" and it is designed just for the purpose of adding low-low tones to whatever. Well suited to beefing up a kick. Real nice free vst methinks, adds real punch and easy to configure. Also downloaded another that purports to do the same thing, but haven't tried it yet.

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