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From magmavander on 01.08.2002, 15:12:

newbie question

Sorry for this newbie question but is there a main volume control in Psycle ? Do I have to use the volume of the master machine or at last the Windows volume control ?
And is there a complete help ? Or only the one given with Psycle ?
Thanx in advance for your answers.

From [JAZ] on 01.08.2002, 19:16:


The master machine's volume is thought to be used as a master volume, yes. (It's the master volume, isn't it?)

About help, there are some guides, and documents, but no real help (in the sense of explaining the program itself). Those guides should serve you to start working with it though.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From magmavander on 01.08.2002, 21:41:


Thanks a lot ;o)

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