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From unipsycle on 31.07.2002, 14:45:

DS-404 The latest CM giveaway...

Just thought I'd write a quick note on this, having just bought CM and tried DS-404 on my laptop I have to say how impressed I was, It functions flawlessly under psycle (except the organ patch for some reason) and the patches they included were pretty exciting, as many patches have been made with layered samples, which can be panned accross the stereo spectrum. My personal favourate has to be the Rhodes patch which after a few keypresses I knew I would want to make some tunes with it.

From MrToast on 31.07.2002, 18:32:


What is the DS-404? I've been using the other two CM VSTi's a bit. What issue does the new one show up in?

From MrToast on 31.07.2002, 19:27:


Ah, I found it.

Fixes for various instruments in the sampler are here:


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