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From dynamix on 07.12.2001, 10:08:

the morphing fft-filter machine!!!!

I thought about the idea of morphing filters.. and i had an interesting idea: the problem (as I think) with a morphing filter is that you allways have a limited amount of filters and if its going to be a complex filter there are many parameters and lfos for morphing needed. So I thougth why not make a FFT-morphing-filter with a graphical userinterface (like the interface of the fft-synth in buzz -> don't remember the name yet..). so you have two fft-graphs where you can draw the start and the end of the filter.. just like in samplitude 2496 (the FFT Filter/Analyser)... so you'll have unlimited (of course limited to the resolution of the fft) "filters" and the most flexible and easiest to use interface! That's an effect I wanted to program myself (with some modifications) before, but I never had the time to get into dsp-programming (and probably won't have). But perhaps someone likes the idea?

OK, this is a post I wrote in the buzz-wishlist.. so don't get me wrong... but I think it would be a very kewl fx in psycle, too.

From Pikari on 07.12.2001, 13:30:


some kind of filter envelope?

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From ladproject on 09.12.2001, 17:24:

  for dynamix

Hey dynamix, I have seen your post on Buzz wishlist (http://www.buzzmachines.com) and I think that for having this effect in Psycle we must wait that any guy develop it for Buzz and decide to port it on Psycle..

or not?

dont judge me for my words but judge me for my music:

From dynamix on 09.12.2001, 20:49:

  to ladproject:

why? the idea of rymix with the bandpass-filters is very kewl and will sopport him on realisation (as much as i can), but I still think although there is a latency problem it would be very kewl to have a morphing-fft-filter, because you could use it for example like steinbergs free-filter: without learning, but with morphing.... and i think this would still be ver kewl.. or not? and last but not least i wrote that i postet this idea to the buzz-wishlist, so anyone can look for him self...
- but, i think you are very right: it would be kewl to port the comming(?) machine of rymix to psycle... why not?

From sampler on 09.12.2001, 23:51:


yeah! i think that's a good idea!
I hope someone code it!

peace & psycleing

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From dj_d on 22.12.2001, 21:09:




From Pikari on 22.12.2001, 22:04:


huh, now that was a BAD joke

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From ksn on 22.12.2001, 22:09:


explain CLEARLY what you mean

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From dynamix on 21.01.2002, 19:11:


ok i'll try again:

you have a effect that is a fft-filter. the filter courve / frequency response of the filter is visualised in a courve. (like in free-filter etc.) the kewl thing is that you can draw the frequency response of the filter with the mouse. so you can create any filter you want. the gimmik is that you have two frequency response courves. that means you can draw one the filter starts with and one the filter end with and then you could have a value 0-255 where you can morph between the two frequency response courves. I hope it's more clear now (not the shitty english)....

From Pikari on 21.01.2002, 22:11:


dynamix: I think that "explain carefully" -thing wasn't meant for you, but anyway this cleared things

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From ksn on 21.01.2002, 22:19:


oh !

hello dynamix !

no my post didn't concern what you said at all !

it was about another post which has been deleted....

don't worry but anyway thaks for the precisions


@ksniod on twitter

From dynamix on 22.01.2002, 16:42:

ups! ok... no problem..

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