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From [JAZ] on 13.07.2002, 23:29:

  Psycle Status , July 2002

These is the current play as of July 2002

Psycle 1.6 :

There will be newer versions, with some bugfixes and few additions in the following weeks/months. Fideloop and Koopler are working on the code for this. I will join them when I finish with my university works (in a few days).

Psyclean :

It is dismissed as a new version. It will be a new source code for me to help on remaking parts of psycle (like the VST host) and then, these parts will be added to Psycle 1. ( versions 1.7 , 1.999 ... )

Some of the ideas planned won't be done, but the ones that will at any price are these:

* Multipattern Sequence.
* New VST Host (for better compatibility).
* New Plugins GUI window ( with new presets )
* Updates to the pattern editor (new commands, maybe new columns..)
* And hopefully, the new multi instrument sampler.

Psycle 2

There have been several Psycle 2 during the Psycle history and none has seen the light (developers went out of the project). The last one was Majick_ , who has a job right now. We don't know if he will come back in the future.


This is the new generation that I wrongly named PsyKernel once. More information of it at psycleii.sitesifter.net or on the board next to this one.
It is NOT a separated project, but both psycle 1 and psycle ii ( or 2. from now on it is the same ) will be coded at the same time (much like Winamp 3 didn't stopped winamp 2 developement).


As of right now, Psycle 1 still has some things to say, and it will be improved till it reaches a solid and very usable state. (Read the PsyClean part to know the details), and Psycleii will come later, and we hope that it will last for long.

That's all as of right now. See you later.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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