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From jb on 15.06.2002, 14:56:

  Problem with using pattern editor ...


well, i have to say i am new in using psycle as a tracking system. It sounds great, but i am not able to insert any entries to the pattern editor ... do i have to note anything by modifying the pattern? Probably I configured something wrong, but tell me what ... ?

... there is also another problem: The Speed of playing a track inside psycle is much faster than the speed of a wave output ... any ideas?

thanks in advance,

From Pikari on 15.06.2002, 17:24:


To add notes to pattern editor, you have to toggle edit mode on (press space bar).

The speed problem: Are you sure that your sound output samplerate is 44100?

Check out: Configuration->Settings->Input/Output->Configure

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From jb on 15.06.2002, 17:53:


Thanks ...

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