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From Rhino on 14.11.2021, 17:24:


I haven't used Psycle for quite a while now, but I used to love using it and being part of the community.

Just writing a message to say thanks to all those who were involved in the project from its inception and through its many iterations. And, of course, to the community of great musicians.

Psycle will always have a place in my heart!

music back-catalogue at:

From Angelus on 05.12.2021, 19:53:




(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From Sartorius on 29.01.2022, 22:14:

We were young
It was interesting both to write music and to port plugins
And it was great!

From ALY on 11.02.2022, 20:00:


Why am i here today ...? I think I will by me an old I7 ... just to run psycle on XP or W7 cause that was the time psycle was running great for me ... I still do love the kind of editing in psy ... the only point for me was the on-board resources ... but hey the most VSTs did a good job for me ... ok a much more job I did ... but it is all just for fun! Hope you guys are fine ... it was a realy great time in my life. THX4this ... and I do hope soon I will spread the word of psycle again
lg alex

From dark_virus on 05.03.2022, 05:14:


Just passing by to say yo!

I use Psycle almost everyday. It's my main hobby. Not that I make that much music, but I never found the joy using Psycle in another sequencer. I like OpenMPT a lot and it has an active community, but I spend in it 30 minutes doing something I can do in 3 minutes in Psycle.

Also, what I found I like the most in Psycle is not finishing tracks but the journey itself. I like to challenge myself to do unorthodox things and Psycle is the perfect tool for it.

I think I'll be using Psycle until I die.

Myspace | Soundcloud

From ksn on 12.03.2022, 17:58:


@ksniod on twitter

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