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From foreignpresence on 22.05.2002, 00:34:

Note Off & Virtual Sampler

First of all hello to everyone:

I'm new to psycle. After messing around with MED, MadTracker, Buzz, FastTracker and FT3 (and being disappointed by all of them) I thought I'd give this one a try. The premise is excellent. However there are two things I was wondering about ....

1) Is there a "note off" command? If so does it work only for the sampler or does it also work for VST instruments? (I can change the volume of the instrument itself using the twk function but it stays at that volume for all proceeding notes)

2) Does anyone have any tips for getting Psycle to work with VirtualSampler 2.6x? It doesn't seem to list any effects (including, once again, note off)

Any help that anyone can offer would be appreciated. Thanks


From foreignpresence on 22.05.2002, 02:06:


never mind question #1. I got it. Thanks

From JAL7OH on 02.07.2002, 16:58:


im using psy with vsampler 2.73 - works fine. exept the fact that psycle doesnt support multi outs per machine.

check the docs that come with vsampler and u can see the midi cc's which are used in vsampler (for controlling filters, panning, patch no. etc..). Then use psycle's mcm command to send the apropriate midi command to vsampler (how-to in \psycle\docs\tweakings and commands.txt)

btw excellent choice - psycle and vsampler :D

From foreignpresence on 04.08.2002, 20:22:

Thanks! Much appreciated

On a similar note I'm wondering whether anyone knows the MIDI CC's for Kontakt. Just got around to looking at that one and the in-line processing is extremely good

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