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From Oceanroc on 28.02.2020, 17:51:

  Installation Issues

I recently purchased a laptop with Windows 10 and I am having issues to install Psycle. Can someone help with to get around this problem please?

From dark_virus on 28.02.2020, 18:12:


What kind of problem? Reproduce the error message here so we can try to help.

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From Oceanroc on 28.02.2020, 21:10:


It says Create process fail 14001. This application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect. Something also about a .exe file

From dark_virus on 29.02.2020, 02:52:


This is due to faulty MS Visual C++ runtimes. As I said in other thread, the runtimes in the MS site didn't work to me, but fortunately I had the correct versions laying around (posted here by someone, probably [JAZ]).

Here's the link. If it's Psycle x64 version, install both.


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From Oceanroc on 29.02.2020, 16:22:


Thanks a million you saved me from having some major headaches. Now I can focus on making music thanks again all the way from Jamaica

From dark_virus on 29.02.2020, 17:29:


Glad to be of help, pal! Happy Psycling!

Cheers from Brazil.

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From napocapo on 12.04.2020, 18:11:

You also solved my problem. Thank you!!

From dark_virus on 22.04.2020, 21:04:


Great, man! Happy Psycling!

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