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From blackcat on 12.05.2018, 06:36:

  64bit ver. file loading problem

I try to use PsycleInstallerx64-1.12.2beta.exe on my Ubuntu studio 16.04(wine version 3.7dev).

Installing was no problem, then I made some drum pattern from breakbeats slice.
I used Sampluls Sampler instruments for breakbeats slice on pattern editor.

then I saved file.

but I couldn`t open that file again on Psycledelics 1.12.2 beta (64-bit) on wine.

So I switch to Psycledelics 1.12.2 beta (32-bit) for load same file.It was same as 64-bit version ,program clashed too.

then I used windows pc for loading same file.

as a result Psycledelics 1.12.2 beta 64-bit version on windows native in same way as Linux.thus I could new pattern and save file but it couldn't read the file again.
but it was strange, 32-bit version could load same file that I made on linux.
So in this case Saving file is no ploblem.Becuase the file is correct.

Is this loading program bug on 64-bit version?

I want to use Psycledelics on linux ,please let me know how to fix this problem.

From blackcat on 12.05.2018, 10:29:


I 've solved that loading clash problem.

I changed wine ver.3.7-dev to ver.3.0-stable.

I re-installed psycle.
I tested 1.12.2 beta (64-bit) &1.12.2 beta (32-bit) on wine ver.3.0-stable.
But both of programs in same way as before.It could read demosongs but it couldn't read re-saved (it's mean "save as") demosong files.

I uninstall both of 1.12.2 beta psycle program.
I installed 1.12.0 64bit ver. psycle and tested same way as before.
It works fine.

I think maybe it is 1.12.2 beta program's bug.

On Linux wine it affects 32bit & 64bit.
On windows 10, 64bit ver.

From [JAZ] on 13.05.2018, 16:33:



Sorry, yes. The build 1.12.2beta from march had this saving bug.
The zip file for the 32bit version should contain that bug solved. I guess I'll need to build and add a 64bit version too.

I'm going to make an updated build for both. There are almost no changes, but at least it will be the most up-to-date one.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From blackcat on 14.05.2018, 02:58:


[JAZ] thank you.

Now I chose 1.12.1beta 32-bit on ubuntu studio (wine 3.7).

It is no ploblem for file saving and file loading

and 1.12.1beta is more handy than 1.12.0 when I select sampling .wav on "sample bank" - "load" automatic filtering .wav file.

This binary is windows native program so it often hang up on my wine.
Whenever after "setting..." - "Input/Output" - audio sound driver or "configure..." change value , program stops.

but file saving is pretty good.I use "autosave" in every 3min.
I can keep my works.

From samleclodo on 23.04.2020, 21:30:


Ohhh no

i wasnt aware to be on une version 64bits : that all folk

thanks for your loved and boursinette tartare lol!

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