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From dark_virus on 03.07.2017, 01:52:

  6 Seconds to Launch (80s electro)

Hi Guys! It's been so long since my last post here, but I'm still using Pyscle a lot.

4x4 Electro track with an 80s flavour.

6 Seconds to Launch

Positive/negative feedback is welcome.

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From [JAZ] on 03.07.2017, 21:10:


Haha! Nice!

It's quite different from start to end, but I like the overall result.

The first half sounds more like early electronic music, ala kraftwerk, Mike Oldfield, or like some old MODS (ok, maybe not the best example).
Then it gets some electro but maintaining the 80s synth sounds and feeling.

The ending is full of sounds, but very clean, and you end with the feeling of wanting more.

Quite good job, indeed.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From dark_virus on 04.07.2017, 05:03:


hey [JAZ], whats up?

Yeah, for this one I wanted to break conventional arrangement rules and found inspiration from early Electro and Rave tracks. The change of moods is totally intentional.

And glad to evoke some old-skool Tracker music spirit!

Thanks for listening and commenting!

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From ALY on 06.07.2017, 18:51:


Hey there thx 4 your nice words ...
But back 2 your track:

First I did listen on boxes ... And I were a Bit stressed by the high perks
When i tryed IT on hp IT was much more Stress for my ears spezial the fx ...

Perhaps YouTube could try to worke a bit on eq/LC ... A bassli e would be great for me 2 .....
But the end IT ist Always just my feeling Not a review of a pro-audioengeneer or what ever ...

LG Alex

Sorry for my bad eng. But In wrote Iron my Phone ... Whith German autocorrection

From dark_virus on 07.07.2017, 20:36:


Hey man, thanks for listening and for your comments!

This track is me breaking rules and taking inspiration in early Rave music. I've noted these artists were most interested in finding new sounds and production techniques so it's somewhat usual to listen some noisy and bad mixed tracks.

The creation process was a lot of fun, so I thought: "screw it, I'll upload this track to Soundcloud anyway!" lol! But I totally understand your points and agree with them.

Thanks again for listening, pal.

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