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From Oceanroc on 28.04.2017, 21:57:

  Issue Rendering Wav File

Good day to everyone, I have a problem that I need some help with. After stopping to use Psycle for a few years I restarted using the program and things have been going good so far in terms of song composition. However rendering the file only the drums are playing, all of the other sounds are not being heard. What am I not doing wrong here and can I please get some assistance?

From [JAZ] on 29.04.2017, 17:39:



First, ensure that you didn't check any of the checkboxes under the file path in the record dialog.

Then, also ensure that it is set to record the entire song.

If all those are correct, are you using some native or VST plugin that outputs to MIDI? those will not be recorded.

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From Oceanroc on 29.04.2017, 19:51:


I did all that and still I am only hearing the drums and no other sounds. bang my head against the wall moment right now. Still going to try and get it right

From [JAZ] on 29.04.2017, 22:01:


Btw, in which version of Psycle?

I just double checked and on the 1.12.2beta i loaded one song and rendered it to wav and it had the sounds of all the machines as it was expected.

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From Oceanroc on 04.05.2017, 20:29:


I am using the 1.12.0 version Jaz does that version has issues?

From [JAZ] on 08.05.2017, 21:04:


I double checked the source history, and the only change relevant to export to wav were a fix when exporting using the first checkbox (save each input to different wav), another about the sampling rate, and a bug with filenaming when the song name had some special characters.

If you are not using the first checkbox, then i don't see why it doesn't work for you.

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From Oceanroc on 19.05.2017, 16:32:


I figured out the problem it's the YMidi sound generator. When I generate the sounds and play it everything is okay but once I render the file all sounds are gone.

From [JAZ] on 19.05.2017, 19:26:


Ok, then everything is clear.

YMidi is not a synthetizer. It is a plugin that talks to the MIDI interface that you select, so the audio is generated outside Psycle and is never coming in.

In order to record those cases, you need to use an external program that can record the audio output of the computer.

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