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From Martin12345 on 11.02.2017, 06:01:

  PSYCLE crashes when scanning VST plugins

The culprit is CM Synthmaster - Psycle crashes when scanning plugins.
Is there any way to fix it?


From [JAZ] on 11.02.2017, 11:02:


I am not sure if it is the case with this plugin, but if it is a SynthEdit-based plugin, they used to require to run Psycle as administrator at least once, so that they can uncompress some data into the folders.

If you can't make it work that way, you will need to remove it from the vst dir to let Psycle start.

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From ALY on 11.02.2017, 14:16:


After a while my vst directory growed up ... And now it is freezing on my pc while scanning ... but after some minutes it wakes up again ...

From Martin12345 on 11.02.2017, 14:40:


You are right, SynthMaster needs to extract some data when running first time, however admin privileges didn't help.
I used Renoise to initialise the plugin and it works fine in Renoise but Psycle crashes during scanning.

I have 200+ plugins.
Psycle is freezing each time I scan plugins, I thought it's 'normal'

From [JAZ] on 11.02.2017, 19:21:


There exists a hidden setting named skipscan:

psycle.exe /skipscan

This setting skips the plugin scan process entirely.
By default it simply checks that plugins exist and haven't been modified or deleted, but does not scan for new ones. But if the scan didn't finish at least once, it does a full scan, because it needs to populate the cache.

While the scan is in process, it shows a progress, but the way I implemented it causes it to not update (and look freezed) if it loses focus. I tried to made it with a separate thread, but then i had other problems, and I didn't explore further how to fix it.

I added this setting years ago precisely because one user had many plugins (with many extra files) so even just the process or verifying if files had changed was slow.

As for SynthMaster... i've just checked and i have a demo version of synthmaster 2.6. I think some user reported a problem once, but i no longer remember about it.
It loads fine in 1.12 release

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