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From Taika-Kim on 28.09.2016, 11:22:

  Slicit revision 9014 problem

Hi, I am rendering stems out of my old tunes from the beginning of 2000s...

Yesterday I had a strange problem with a tune, where I had to invert all my slicit patterns in a song, otherwise it was a 16th out of rhythm.

I mean change all 254 values to 0, and vice versa.

Has anybody had the same problem?

I canīt use the new 64 bit version, 32 bit plugin handling is a mess, or at least was when I last tried a year ago.

From Taika-Kim on 28.09.2016, 12:06:


Ah hmm I didnīt have JBridge installed, I thought it was supposed to be working since the selection had a dot on in even though it was grayed out... I will see how the 64 bit version works with Slicit and those old tunes.

Oh, one great option would be MIDI export, now I have to use EnergyXT or Melodyne to get MIDI files to go with the audio stems.

From [JAZ] on 30.09.2016, 15:49:



There was a change around version 1.6 (can't remember when) where the way in which tweaks are called changed.
Concretely: The original behaviour was that tweaks were read at the same time than notes, linearly from first channel to last channel. After the change, the engine first locates all tweaks of the line, executes them, and then execute the rest.

This causes that, in some cases, the tweak happens earlier than what it should.

I am unsure if this is the cause of the problem that you report, or it really is a compatibility change in the VST plugin itself.

As for midi exporting... I don't have plans for that in the near future, but there is a workaround:
Currently, it is possible to export to XM, and there exist tools that convert XM to MIDI ( or, in absense of specific tools, Modplug Tracker has midi exporting).

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;·D

From Taika-Kim on 25.10.2016, 23:46:


Ah, true about the XM export. Renoise MIDI export script used to be horribly buggy, but I see it has been updated, I hope it can now place the note lengtsh correctly, before it was making zero length notes

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