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From Ali Bla Bla on 04.07.2016, 05:24:



I test this one: easy-drum X8

Old stuf with a little twist that i can't use without the internal sequencer.

The hic is normaly a tweak on and off do it but with this one it have no effect. The tweak are recorded but the vst don't see the command so i have to start the sequencer by hand.

Is it possible to force this control with an other plugin?



From [JAZ] on 04.07.2016, 21:13:


Psycle currently does not have the ability to send messages between Plugins (in this case, midi messages between vsts).

All it can do is receive midi from another application or hardware and send it to all vsts.

If you mean that you are using the sequenced mode, and that it needs a sequencer start in order to work, you might try the immediate mode instead.
It might be good enough if you have low latency audio.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From Ali Bla Bla on 04.07.2016, 23:08:


Merci for this answer!

Well, i have found a patch to do it but it is a little bit out of the game!

I just start the sequencer inside the plugin and render to wave to put the wave after in the sampler! Ouf! This man realy want to use this plugin!!!

It is on immediate for setting...all the other plugins with sequencer inside work normaly with a tweak on and off but not this on!

So for the others...if you have the same problem, my ''patch'' can help...


From Ali Bla Bla on 16.07.2016, 00:48:


Back again because help file don't do the job!

Linux style! Why to do simple when you can do complex!
Everything on the same plan without gradation for priority!

I play with ''Creakbox'' and i want to do my ''fake program change'' that i write about with the easy-drum X8.

Same problem...the funny Creakbox don't accept messages to change partern.

I have 3 samples to assign to 3 samplers machines or sampulse.

The hic, is only one sample wave is always visible for the other machines.

a+b+c...please!... to put one different wave for each machine.

merci! :-)


From Ali Bla Bla on 16.07.2016, 03:44:

  sampulse vs help file

Don't move!

I have it! .....after extra seach...

PS: On a help file, for me it is not ''normal'' to read steps 2 if step 1 is not done for the basique operations!

First thing that a user want to do BEFORE to read envelope info...is a fonctionnal sample to play with and like my question ....2 or more.

Now, Creakbox become realy funny!


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