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From ALY on 15.04.2016, 22:40:

  sorry just a simple qoestion (i do hope so)

could you implement a "remind" function (while editing songs on MP3/ogg) cause i am sure that I will push many trax into the psy part while updating my links ... not just 4 me but I am sure many other active members don`t update their links cause of this "f**" swich 2 set ... every time i donīt do so ... I have 2 get back (if i do perceive) ... if it is 2 hard 2 implement it would be total OK (cause this platform connected me 2 very interesting musicans ... and I will use it till using psycle .... but if there would be a easy way 2 impl. I would be very happy ... (sorry for the "F" word ... but it is demotivating 4 me 2 update my links) lg & have a nice WE ... alex

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