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From KERMITT on 26.10.2015, 18:59:


i gave up on PSYCLE for a long while, (30 of my albums were done without it) because none of the new versions I tried (WITHIN different years) seemed to work on my WINDOW 7 (it's a mini PC version)

and I was sad, because I really liked PSYCLE on my XP pc,.......with it I did part of my first 4 albums (urban taoist sounds - endogenesis exodus albums namely)
(by the way, it's psycle that started me doing musics, heheheheee)

SO THANKS TO THE PSYCLE TEAM right at their beginning creating it, (including ARGURU that unfortunatly passed away in the year I discovered PSYCLE)

but I retried today to download a new version, (because I do like psycle) to see if any major progress were made for me, and by doing so, I choosed

Psycle 1.12.1 beta available for testing and usb standalone,

which is fine because no more install/desinstall for me, it works out of the box, and that's what I want...

i THOUGHT well let's give it another chance and WAHOOOOOO, this version if much différent, nicer than the old psycle I had on my XP pc, you did some real big improvment everywhere, including the design and ergonomy, I am very impressed, and it "" ALL WORKS great "", on my WINDOW 7

so now, I have PSYCLE bck again, and this makes me very, VERY HAPPY

SO I POST this HERE TO THANK YOU ALL GUYS N GIRLS, that worked on PSYCLE so hard, all these years, and kept it going, because to me, it is a very important tool for creating music....I just love it, and love you at the same time, (of a Universal love of course hey !!!!)


PS / you can hear some of my albums here
(if you want ? full albums n tracks can be listened while you surf on the internet, in the back ground of your screen)


, but be carefull, it's a very unusual music, not at all what most of youz are used to I guess

From [JAZ] on 27.10.2015, 13:19:


Hey Kermitt, welcome back. I remember seeing you around.

I don't remember doing anything special on the 1.12.1 beta to improve the application compatibility, but it's great that now it works for you.

Anyway, I will probably keep the "portable" distribution method as well, so I hope that you will be able to keep using it from now on.

Indeed, there have been many changes, and an important part of them has been on usability.
Using a tracker might be strange for people coming from sequencers and other visual-notation software, but once that step is taken, Psycle feels intuitive to use.
I've always tried to keep what Psycle is, and adding the features in a way that just improves the experience, rather than changing the way how it works.

That is probably also the reason why the multipattern version never took of as well. (It didn't fit well enough).

So, welcome back again, and play with the new features, which I hope you'll find interesting. I hope to release 1.12.1 (non-beta) in the following weeks, fixing some of the bugs in the beta and finishing some of the incomplete features.
(It's all almost done, It's just me that I've been doing other things and haven't taken the time to finish it).

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;·D

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