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From hedgehog1 on 20.10.2015, 13:18:

  Newbie needs some plugins that work well

Hey all

I'm a complete Psycle noob, and just figuring it out.

I got Crystal VST plugin to work great, but two others didn't do so well.

Where can I find some plugins that work?

Should I be using the 32 or 64 bit plugin directory (not the native directory, I've learned).

Espera Beat Assist doesn't seem to work, and neither does DKL. Copied the dll to the correct directory, I think, but no luck.

Any advice from you pros?


From ALY on 20.10.2015, 20:15:


I am not a pro ... but perhaps I can help a little bit
it would be interesting in wich direction you whanna go .....
an idea: go to bords\FREE VST & VSTI (above in the menue-bar on this side ( http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/board.php?boardid=5 )
or just go to to the alls seeing eye goog.. and enter vst

i do think you du use the 64bit psyc ... there are 32bit and 64bit-plug-inns ... the best would be you put 32er into 32 and so on .. i do think
lg alex

From hedgehog1 on 20.10.2015, 20:29:


Thanks man!

Figuring it out as I go along.

Do you know how to tweak one note length in the sequence grid?

From [JAZ] on 20.10.2015, 20:36:



32bit Psycle uses 32bit VSTs and 64bit Psycle uses 64bit VSTs. To be able to use both, you need an external software called "jBridge", that helps Psycle to "bridge" the bit difference.

32bit VSTs go in the 32bit vst directory, and 64bit VSTs go into the 64bit vst directory (Check and change those from the configuration).

The suggestion to find for plugins in kvr-vst is a good one.

As for changing the note length, this is controlled by the use of the "off" note.

01 | C-5 01
02 | --- ..
03 | --- ..
04 | off 01

that will start the note on line 1, and stop/fade it on line 4. Usually, synths have something called the amplitude envelope where you can tweak the speed at which it starts when receiving a new note, and the speed at which it decays when receiving the off note.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From ALY on 20.10.2015, 20:38:


to stop a note you have to enter "1" you will see the command "off" be sure U do have the right mashine while pressing ... if you wanna tweak you have to activate "reckord tweek" on the left so you can rotated knobs and it will be saved (... just a tip 4 this feature use a single track for recording tweaks ... so you can better clear and/or copy tweaks ...)

From hedgehog1 on 20.10.2015, 20:41:



Thanks a bunch.

Just finished my very first psycle loop. woohoo!

From ALY on 20.10.2015, 20:49:


no prob ... all the best2you (I do hope2heare some "noice" in the future on soundcloud or other platforms ... lg alex

From hedgehog1 on 20.10.2015, 20:52:


loads to learn still, but I will be putting something on soundcloud soon. hegehog1 out!

I'm sure I will be back with more questions soon...

From ALY on 20.10.2015, 20:57:


feel free2do so ... lg

From hedgehog1 on 21.10.2015, 21:14:

  noob\'s vst troubles

So I've been experimenting with various plugin downloads from KVR and all over the web. (instruments for now, effects will come later)

So far I've tried to install a bunch.

Only These 3 work on my setup:

Crystal synth
VSCO (orchestral samples and instrument)
Line of Legends drumsynth

These 7!! don't work:

Ambient Nature Noises
Chau Gongs
Esfera Beat Assist

I'm getting the feeling that I'm missing something important.

I'm running Win 8 64 bit on a laptop, with no midi inputs or outputs yet. I use Audacity for recording and sampling, and what not.

(no budget to buy while I learn the ropes!)

I've installed VST bridge, but haven't tried jbridge yet - I only found a limited version, and ran out of time.

I've copied the .dll files to the VstPlugins64 folder, and even tried the VstPlugins (32 bit) option too. Some downloads came with sample folders, which I duly copied in too. Only three work though. 7 dont!

Is this success rate normal? Am I wasting my data and time downloading and trying them out? Who's got the time?

I like accoustic sounds, samples, and ambient chill tunes. I want to create solfeggio tones, binaural beats, and also children's melodies and effects for audiobooks. I also do some voice work (narrating) and want to expand and create cool things, but I'm getting frustrated. Should I consider buying Cubase or do the MuLab limited download instead?????

Any thoughts / tips welcome.

From [JAZ] on 21.10.2015, 21:57:


I haven't tried any of those, but if the plugin comes with an installer, it is a better idea to install it into psycle's vst directory instead of installing to the default path and then just moving the dll files.

Also, some plugins (those that are based on synthedit), use to require writing permission to the folder where they are. This implies that, if you installed psycle in the program files folder, they need that Psycle runs as administrator at least once.

Lastly, You need to verify the version of the VST standard that the plugin uses.
Psycle only supports version 1.x or version 2.x. The newer version 3.x is not compatible with older versions, and we haven't implemented a version 3 host. (There are no plans for it either).

About VST Bridge versus jBridge: Psycle is integrated with jBridge, meaning that plugins can be placed in Psycle's dir and be used as if Psycle had the bridge itself.

If you use VST Bridge, I guess that you need to tell it where your plugins are, and which is the host's directory.
Basically, when a bridge is not integrated with the host, the bridge creates fake dll files in the host directory, in place of the original ones, that need to be placed in another place to not mix them up.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From hedgehog1 on 21.10.2015, 22:06:


Thanks for taking the time to reply, JAZ - appreciated.

They were just zip files, no installer included. I guess I could try to unzip them into the plugin folder instead of copying from download folder.

I've opened psycle as administrator, I will try again. (my machine asks permission from admin every time I copy into the folder too)

I just noticed a tick box in psycle's config menu for j bridge - does that make a difference?

so I should remove vst bridge from the plugin folder completely?

From [JAZ] on 22.10.2015, 22:03:


The jBridge option is only compatible with jbridge (at least, in theory).

I haven't tried VST Bridge, so I just told you how I guess it works.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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