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From shinobusensui613 on 22.09.2015, 15:36:

  fanzy jazz chords and microtuning?

I am new in psycle, and I cannot find a way to produce fancy jazz chords and use microtuning,
it is any way..at least to make arpeggio like milkytracker?

From [JAZ] on 22.09.2015, 21:28:


Psycle does not support microtuning (as in defining a different note scale than the well tempered one).

As for tuning and using arpeggio, that depends on the machine being used.

For example, with sampler or sampulse machines, which use sampled sounds, the note pitch can be changed, they support pitch slides, and sampulse supports the arpeggio command. (see tweakings.txt)

For other plugins like arguru synth, most have note tuning, but might not offer arpeggio. Blitz has a 4 note arpeggio.

There is also a global command for arpeggio, F0xy, but it just tries to emulate the effect. It is not a real arpeggio, because that would require a higher control of note start and stop than what it is possible.

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From shinobusensui613 on 24.09.2015, 00:34:


thank you very much, I love this program, it is more stable than LMMS in my win7 starter. I really like it, the way to automate the effects is easily insane comparing with cubase 5 for example

yesterday I found a free vst instrument that can do microtuning in psycle (xen-arts.net/xen-fmts-2/) but that vst does not make arpegios.

I am a noob with trackers, the few i learn comes from basic milkytracker tutorial from youtube. therefore I do not have any idea how use the vst and global tweakings, it is easy with Synth1, I just press record tweak and the command show up, that is fantastic !!!! But when I read the tweakings.txt I cannot understand for example.

FBxx - Retrigger (xx/256 ticks duration per trigger)

what are "ticks" and "retrigger"?

or .....................................................

15xy - Retrig Command. y = Number of retrigs (1 = do one retrig)
- x changes the volume in the following way:
0 or 8 : No change
1: +1 9: -1
2: +2 A: -2
3: +4 B: -4
4: +8 C: -8
5: +16 D: -16
6: *2/3 E: *3/2
7: *1/2 F: *2

btw, is there a way to get the complete program installer?, i tried to install it in my notebook but it says that it requires internet connection, I am asking this because I am afraid the website go down, and I will not have a back up, this program saved my music because i have no money to buy a daw and i cannot use pirate software cuz my mind doesn't stop tell me that will bring me a curse. or bad luck

From shinobusensui613 on 24.09.2015, 01:13:


I can not find this in the .txt:

1. the command for sampulse and sampler for arpeggio (btw what is sampulse? i can not load samples neither make any sound from it)

2. auguro has a 1 note arpeggio but not what i need but i like it, for example in cubase 5 i write a chord and the arp stay on it, the cts in detune option are "cents"?

3. How I put 4 notes inside Blitz to make them arp...besides i have no idea how use its arp, this arp doesnt work like aurguro arp, is there any command for it?

From [JAZ] on 24.09.2015, 21:26:


So many questions... Ok, let's start with the installer.

It doesn't really need an internet connection for installing, but it has the option to download some extra files that you might need.

1) a self-extracting zip with some free and demo VSTs. They are a bit old (from 2007), which is when the bundle was prepared
2) microsoft visual studio 2008 SP1 c++ runtimes (32bits)
3) microsoft visual studio 2008 SP1 c++ runtimes (64bits)

If you download them, and then, when installing, do not select those two options, there will be no need for internet connection.

Retrig is a command that repeats the note rapidly. It is commonly used for drums, as in "tu, tu, tu, tututu". (I hope you get the idea).
As for the word "tick" mentioned in that other command, it just means that it divides the length of a line in 256 steps, and you indicate in the command how any steps it waits until it starts (triggers) the note again.

Commands, like it is described in that tweakings.txt file, are written to the pattern view, like this:
| C-5 .. 01 0C50| <- Play note C-5 on machine 01, and send the command C50, which for most machines means set the volume.

Sampler and sampulse are two machines that use samples, but the samples are not added to the machine. Instead, you have to use the "edit" button in the top right of the screen, or use the F10 key, or go to View menu and Instruments Editor.
From there, you can add instruments and samples, just like you would do with milkytracker.

Yes, you are right, arguru and blitz have an option for arpeggio in their interface. The one in Arguru is easier to use, while the one in Blitz is more complicated. IIRC, you need to press/play several notes at the same time for it to work. (I'm saying this from memory, so it might be innacurate).

Anyway, these are not the arpeggios that I meant. Both machines have a pattern command for doing arpeggios (fake chords) for the current line, that resemble the ones in classic trackers. Arguru synth doesn't have one, and on Blitz, you do the arpeggios as this:

| C-5 .. 01 2405 | <- Play C-5, D-5, E-5 and F-5 in one row, in the sense of classic tracker arpeggio command, which means change rapidly between these notes so that it feels like they all are playing (i.e. simulate a chord).
If you don't want that many notes, you might do 2400. (2405 means = 2 -> add two seminotes, 4, add four seminotes, 05 -> add five seminotes).

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From shinobusensui613 on 27.09.2015, 23:42:


thank you so much, now I am having an idea how use them.

I cannot do sidechaining in psycle ...is any way to do it?

From [JAZ] on 28.09.2015, 20:49:


If you have a VST plugin that supports sidechainging by means of having multiple input wires, then you can do it with Psycle.

You need to open the wire dialog (doubleclick the triangle on the wire), and press the channel mapping button.

There you have to enable or disable the appropiate checks to indicate what channels are in use.

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From [JAZ] on 28.09.2015, 20:52:


If you are using a VST plugin that supports sidechanging by means of multiple audio channels, then you can do it in Psycle.

Open the wire dialog by double clicking on the triangle in the middle of the wire. From there, click the channel mapping button.

That will open a window where you can change the individual channels that send audio (As if you were connecting manually each internal wire).

Channels are usually well described (that depends fully on the VST plugin to provide meaningfull names), so it should be easy enough.

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From shinobusensui613 on 29.09.2015, 02:01:


thnx i will try that, idk if any free vst with sidechining can do that

From shinobusensui613 on 04.10.2015, 18:17:


i tried the sidechaining and it is strange because the kick alone goes to the right channel and the sidechained bass to the left alone.

btw is there a way to change time signature?

I know there are 64 lines (including the cero) it is a way to change the number of lines?

I don't understand the channel mapping too

From [JAZ] on 05.10.2015, 23:57:


Sidechaining only works with plugins that natively support it. Psycle does not add sidechaining by itself, it just provides ways to use it, when the plugin has the feature.

If you were using a sidechain compressor, you would see four input checkboxes. two of them for the line, and two of them for the side.

Psycle has a 4/4 time signature. You can change the length (with lines per beat) but the signature doesn't change.

The number of lines can be decreased, as well as increased up to 1024. Right click on the pattern to show a popup menu and go to the properties option.

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From shinobusensui613 on 13.10.2015, 05:03:


yeah i saw the 4 channels...but aint got idea how make it work...

btw...is there a way to play different note sizes in psycle..or I just have to composed at very fast speed?.it is very easy in other daws but in psycle all notes have the same same size

like this photo with different note sizes http://savedbytechnology.com/catalog/new...base_e-6_03.png

From [JAZ] on 13.10.2015, 21:38:


The notes in a tracker program do not have a specific length. When you want to stop the note, you have to add an "off" note. This is, by default, the key "1" over the "Q" key (i.e. the one in the keyboard, not the one in the numeric pad).

Just like with sequencers, you have to tweak the envelope of the instrument. This is what is commonly called as ADSR (attack, decay, sustain and release). In Arguru synth, the default setting is sustain at zero, so that is probably what you have to change. Set it to something like -6dB and then, it will stop when you put the off note, instead of the current behaviour, that is when the decay finishes.

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From shinobusensui613 on 01.11.2015, 17:59:


thnx ---finally i got nice sidechaining effect with the volume automati...

so now i can do
1. fancy jazzy chords
2. microtuning (not with arp)
3. sidechaining

but I do not understand how make pitch bends like guitar blues licks..it is possible to make a nice pitch bend with psycle?

I found this

Dxyy - Pitch slide down x number of semis, yy speed.
Exyy - Pitch slide up x number of semis, yy speed

but not any useful example, not work with synth 1

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