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From BioRhythm on 17.05.2015, 19:15:

  A few questions about VST support


I installed Psycle and had a little play. Impressed . Just a few specific questions to determine if this program will meet my needs.

I like to use the VST Battery by native instruments. I read psycle has full VST support. Does this also mean that psycle has the ability to automate VST effect parameters, such as in Battery. (Had a play with battery and psycle ,i.e- Right click on battery effect and select to send midi to host/have record button in host selected /and track selected- But nothing was recorded).?

Does Psycle have a auto-save feauture if it crashers?

From Angelus on 17.05.2015, 19:52:


Welcome BioRhythm.

It does. You can configure how often Psycle performs an autosave of the song. To do so you must to go to "Configuration" > "Settings" > "Keyboard and Misc." tab > in "Miscellaneous options" check the option "Autosave current song after (mins)" and choose the timing you want.

If Psycle crashes, it will ask you if you want to load the auto-saved file when you open a new session. If you answer "no", the file will be deleted.



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From BioRhythm on 17.05.2015, 20:55:


Thanks that's a usefull feature.

what about VST automation with battery?.

From Angelus on 18.05.2015, 15:23:


Sorry, I'm not helpful in this task. I have no installed Battery, so I don't know how many parameters can be automated in Psycle. You can try to open the parameter list window to know each number. Take a look at the following image: VST Parameter list (At the right of Synth1 VSTi you can see that window).



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From [JAZ] on 19.05.2015, 20:17:


Hello and welcome.

About VST automation, I think I've never fully understood the concept, but I guess that you mean that the plugin sends MIDI messages to the host when the parameter changes.

Psycle does not support receiving MIDI from VSTs (neither routing MIDI).

VSTs offer another method telling the host that a parameter has changed, which Psycle supports. Basically, when parameters are changed by the user on a VST's window, the plugin notifies the Host which parameter and value is being set.

Then, Psycle records this into Psycle as tweaks, which is Psycle's way to tell a machine to change the value of a parameter.

In order for parameters to be recorded, you need to be in record mode (as you said you were), but also to have the "Record tweaks" checkbox enabled, which is under the sequence, and also be in the pattern editor.

If Psycle is playing (i.e. the play position is moving), these changes will get recorded accordingly.

(Realtime recording capabilities of Psycle are not the best, but I think there is still room for improvement).

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