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From Oldskoolraver on 23.03.2015, 21:37:


Hi there I've been using Psycle for a while now mainly 1.8.6. and It is a great program respect to the developers! I use Milkytracker also and previous to that Fasttracker 2. Is it possible to make each XM instrument into a separate sampler machine when importing a fastracker/milky song into Sampulse? Sorry if this has been asked before.

From Oldskoolraver on 23.03.2015, 21:40:


Sorry I forgot to put I'm using the newest version of Psycle now. Thanks.

From [JAZ] on 25.03.2015, 20:58:



That was a feature that I plan to add someday, but currently it is not possible.

The current version does something in-between, which might help.

Concretely, the current version loads instruments as "virtual machines", which means that each one gets its own number in the pattern, but still rely on the same sampulse machine.
Since they are virtual machines, they cannot be swapped from the standard gear machine dialog.

If you intend to replace them with VSTs, you need to do a replace in patterns, for the correct number. (See search and replace option in the pattern editor popup menu).

In other words, you would create the vst machine, connect it, and then search in patterns replacing, i.e. machine 83 for machine 04.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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