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From JoshuaP on 14.01.2015, 06:29:

  Ambient Music Creation

Hello Everyone I am new to Psycle and I am wishing to make Ambient Music.....with that being say'ed I am new to the program and Dont know where to start I know that alot of it has to do with delay using reverb and making sure there is more dry sounds then wet sounds, but I make a sound, but dont knwo how to record it let alone when I do finaly get the sound I want using the sound files and whatnot and [press the keys it works that is about as far as I got how do I record and also export it into a playable file like mp3 or OOG and also if there is anyone doing ambient music can you please help me along as the software seems really powerful but the learning curve seems to be pretty steep thanks ahead of time and Enjoy your music creation!


Music is that of the Heart that expresses itself into mathematical creations of the mind!

From ALY on 14.01.2015, 18:30:


Hello Josh ....

Do you have any XP whith "trackers?" if not it could be realy helpfull to download some PSY-files (of other users) ... open it press play and discover some basics (try and error - style) ... or watch some tutorials about trackers (cause the "pattern-view" workes nearly simular in all trackers)



some of the importent facts (for useing psycle):

paternview = here you can programm your tunes (like notes written in an excelsheet) the curser (interpeater) will run from the head to the bottom when you press play (so you have 2 wride your tunes exactly the same direction)...

mashineview= here you can wire synths, samplers and efects (nearly like whith real equipment ... just a mixer and a synth would not worke whithout connecting them ...)

"patternsequencer" = here you give your song the structure ...
for example:


so the patterns will pe played in this sequence 01-02-03-04 ...

leater you will things like 2A (it is cause of the hexadecimal-sytem go 2 wikipedia if you donīt know what it is ... )


in the end you will render your song as wave ... (export as audiofile)


hope I was allowed to give you some basictips 2 discover psycle ...

lg alex

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