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From silkjoke on 08.12.2014, 15:02:

midi plugin connection?


just discover the BlueArp midi plugin and find it's so great,
is it possible to route it to other Vsti or Psycle machine?

i got error when trying to connect them..

thanks a lot. ?

From [JAZ] on 08.12.2014, 21:28:



Right now, Psycle does not allow the possibility of a plugin to send messages to other plugins, you can only connect audio plugins.

There were some mockups (i.e. graphical ideas) of how it could be represented, but the implementation itself is not so clear.

In the VST world, what they do is mapping by listening to a concrete MIDI channel, and that's what it could be supported in the future.

Cannot give a timeline as it is not clear yet what would be the most apropriate solution.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From silkjoke on 09.12.2014, 07:08:



Thanks a lot of your reply!

I have tried the EnergyXT Vst ,it gave me the result that i needed.

because EnergyXT Vst itself can load vst and vsti ,i've made all the
Vst connections inside and connect the EnergyXT's audio out to
Psycle's mixer.

a host inside a host concept. not straight forward, but it works.

Have a good day!
Best regards.

From [JAZ] on 10.12.2014, 20:15:


Yes, that's a working option, and I know some people use (or used) Psycle in this way.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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