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From Taika-Kim on 28.10.2014, 15:04:

  Thanks people!

Hi, I used to be an active Psycle user and made several albums with that, which kickstarted a lot of things for me...

I'm happy to see that the project is still alive, since for me it is of utmost importance that I can keep working on the old songs in the future too... Right now I need to build a live set, and for that I need to check some stuff from the old tracks to build more stuff on top.

These days I'm using Renoise and Reaper... Psycle would still be OK I guess, but the way automation is handled with twk commands is really impossible, I need to change synths often (since in the old days I used a lot of stuff that I don't have any more), and since the old commands still go in them, a lot of things break down.

Maybe I could leave those slots empty, and just by hand edit the instrument numbers to the new VSTs, I'll have to see...

I still have all my old music available on the site, http://www.aavepyora.net, altough not the .psy originals, for yet at least.

Anyway, a BIG thank you to you who keep the things rolling here!

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