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From dark_virus on 03.12.2013, 00:35:

  Claustrofobia (Techno)

NAME: Claustrofobia
GENRE: Techno
BPM: 124

Last 2013 track, I think. Comments (positive or negative) are always welcome!


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From Voltrom on 20.12.2013, 23:08:


Hi The_Brainwashed.

For me there is not enough happening in the track, i don`t know if it was supposed to be that way but i thought i be honest.

On the other hand the mixing sounds pretty good even on my cheap laptop speakers, you must have a hand for that.


Keruba International.

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.


From dark_virus on 23.12.2013, 02:48:


Thanks for listening and for your comments, Keruba!

Well, actually the repetitiveness was expected at least for this track. I like repetitive techno songs and I was listening to a lot of early 90s minimal techno some months ago. It brought me some inspiration for this one.

About the production, I tried to listen it on as many environments as I could before publishing. Maybe I could have cut a little less bass, but since I don't have proper monitoring devices, I thought it was better to stay in the safety zone. Glad you liked it!


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From SAS on 27.12.2013, 18:52:


Even thouhg im not a techno dude (anymore) you managed it to capture the 90s techno feel like a champ!

Sound is great, nothing wrong with the bass. (At least what i can tell with my crappy gear).

Keep em coming!

i appear, just to disappear again...

From dark_virus on 02.01.2014, 02:57:


Hey SAS, glad to see you here! I miss your awesome Psycle trance tracks!

Thanks for listening and your comments.

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