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From organic io on 08.11.2013, 00:09:

  What happened to Directionless?

Hey all. I just wanted to see if anybody knew whatever happened to Directionless? He used to be active in SDCompo a long time ago, and he and I had some pretty good discussions, but it seems like he dropped off the face of the planet about 5 years ago.

I saw he posted some new songs on here in 2011, does anyone still keep in touch with him or know whatever happened to him?

Any leads would be greatly appreciated


From dark_virus on 14.11.2013, 18:42:


I used to chat with him back in 2007/08 and he even remixed some of my PSY projects. Haven't seen him since then. It's a shame because he's a really cool, talented and funny guy.

Hope for a glorious comeback.

Myspace | Soundcloud

From Josh T on 14.11.2013, 23:09:


Maybe he got married!!! hehehe...

From SAS on 15.11.2013, 14:44:


Last i've been talking to him was in july last year.
Iirc, he took a break from the internet, cause life kept him rather busy.

Pretty sure he's gonna pop up outta nowhere again

i appear, just to disappear again...

From organic io on 22.11.2013, 23:02:


Thanks for the responses guys...

Pretty sure he's gonna pop up outta nowhere again

JOHN: If you see this, please email me at: organicio (at) gmail (dotcom)


From organic io on 04.06.2014, 23:19:


Hey guys, just wanted to FYI you if you hadn't heard yet. He's been hanging around the SDCompo parts the last few months, alive and well


From Directionless on 09.06.2014, 04:20:


Gee, i never even saw this. Actually, everyone was right. Congrats on your intuition.

I was rather busy. I did (just) get married two days ago. I did resurface.

Yes, I'm trying to be active in sdcompo.com again. I'll take this opportunity to plug the next round 84 which just began a few days ago. Your own vocal samples or recordings of you playing live gear are allowed. Sample pack is provided. Psyclers are welcome. Come join in the fun!

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