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From Ali Bla Bla on 30.10.2013, 23:04:


It is for to know if exist a way to use ApogeeJam with Psycle like it do for GarageBand?

Like a direct sound result that i can use like a machine input to work with vst guitar amps after.

Thank you for response!

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From shadowbane on 01.11.2013, 02:05:


Is there a particular reason you can't just record the guitar and then throw it in the sampler as a huge song-length sample? In my experience Psycle isn't the best tool for live stuff.

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From Ali Bla Bla on 01.11.2013, 11:05:

ApogeeJam suite

It is what it was done before but the guitar amps VST are very interesting so it is why i am trying these tests.

It fact on XP something append and i can hear the USB captor but i have a kind of tchic tchic tchic polution with the sound.

And on 7 nothing !


From Ali Bla Bla on 03.10.2015, 06:25:

Solved solution!

I got it!

Well it is not stable, but it work!

I use the Recorder plugin with asio for all on XP!

Like that, i can test win guitar amp that don't work on Mac!

And they are very interesting....Freeamp et Fa36 full

The hic, is to calibrate asio vs psycle vs XP sound card and Psycle don't keep in memory the asio output that i had choosed!

But it work!

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