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From Voltrom on 02.09.2013, 11:16:



I have some Ideas regarding the new Psycle Release.

It would be cool if a global swing would be implemented without changing the bpm. As suggested in Qpsycle.

And what about Midi File import, is this still interesting for the developers or not?

Thanks, and greets to all Track-Heads.

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.


From Ali Bla Bla on 23.08.2015, 16:45:


Light, easy to use and fast, Psycle is one of the best for me, but...

Hell come with the vst search!

It is not a luxe to have a way to get it better!

A simple drag and drop to have class like Bass, drum, synth....etc should keep the time saved to use this sofware and not to save on way and to loose on the other way to find your vst!

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