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From 11clock on 01.06.2013, 22:32:

  Play Machine Without Keyboard

I have a VST called Drum Table and by default it doesn't work with the PC keyboard. I would like to know if there is another way to play a machine, or if there is a way to configure a VST with the PC keyboard.

From Angelus on 02.06.2013, 12:47:


Hi, 11clock.

You can control/play plugins using your keyboard or a MIDI keyboard. You only need to select the MIDI input in the Psycle configuration/settings menu.

If you don't have a MIDI keyboard you could try to install a virtual one like VMPK (it's opensource and free) that sends MIDI messages/notes as a hardware one does. I haven't tried it, so I don't know if it would help you.

Please come here again to tell us if you need more help.


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From [JAZ] on 03.06.2013, 20:14:


Are you sure it doesn't work?
I haven't tried that one, but I've tried other drum VST's and the "problem" is that they are mapped using the MIDI notes, which means you have to change to octave 2 instead of octave 4 to play them.

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