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From shadowbane on 23.04.2013, 05:15:

  Site broken.

Somebody who has admin should set up the site so that psycle.pastnotecut.org defaults to psycle.pastnotecut.org/portal.php Right now coming in through google or typing in the name of the site dumps you on a list of files. I have it bookmarked in such a way that I don't notice this, and I imagine that a lot of other regulars do as well. This was brought up on IRC a bit ago, so it has been noticed.

the shadow runs form the light, but can never be fully driven back.

From [JAZ] on 23.04.2013, 19:50:


Thanks for pointing that out.

we had some problems with the hosting (php wasn't working) and disabled the default entrance.
When it was back working, i forgot to put back the original index, and i didn't notice since i was using the direct link to the portal.php file..

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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