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From dark_virus on 10.03.2013, 01:59:

  How can I use an arpeggiator VST?

I've tried some arpeggiator VST like nF Arp 1, WOK SimpArp, ARPocalipse and Kirnu, but Psycle detects all of them as instruments.

I'm guessing I'll need a virtual MIDI port like Midi Yoke, but dunno..

Am I doing something wrong?

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From [JAZ] on 10.03.2013, 09:36:


Psycle still doesn't support sending commands (midi) to other machines.

In VST, this is done by sending the command to a midi channel, so that's the first problem that needs a workaround if it gets implemented.

Second problem is that right now there isn't a central pool of messages to be served. The most similar is the pool of MIDI input messages, but that's not completely integrated into the playback engine (it's more like an additional input place, aside of pattern). So it requires some modifications.

A virtual MIDI port will not help in this case, since the commands are not sent to the midi out, but to the VST host.

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From dark_virus on 10.03.2013, 21:17:


Ah, ok! Understood! Thanks!

BTW, would it be possible to have a built-in arpeggiator in Psycle? Like, we throw a note (be it a synth or sample) and Psycle build a simple arp from it.

I love this feature in Arguru Synth, and I was thinking about it...

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From shadowbane on 13.03.2013, 00:27:


it couldn't be a native plugin for the same reason that it couldn't be a vst. it could however be a built-in instrument similar to the note duplicator.

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From dark_virus on 13.03.2013, 14:40:


But.... if there's insert plugins like the Granulizer and there's native commands like pitch shift, wouldn't be possible to have a different kind of arp or even a note randomizer?

Kinda, something put as an insert, that changes the pitch of each sample or synth note?

Arguru Synth has a very good arp, so I thought it would be possible to make a standalone version...

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From shadowbane on 15.03.2013, 07:05:


It would be possible, but code would have to be added somewhere to support it. If I were approaching the problem I would probably create a new builtin machine blending code from the note duplicator and aguru synth (or any other native plugin with an arp)

I would suggest against having it as an insert as it doesn't make sense that audio would be sent to it.

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From dark_virus on 16.03.2013, 03:41:


hmm.... Ok. Thanks for your explanation, shadowbane.

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From Jadewin on 15.06.2013, 12:55:



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