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From ksn on 28.02.2013, 12:24:


As probably many psyclers use SoundCloud, it might be a good idea if they mention their account there, don't you think so ?

@ksniod on twitter

From dark_virus on 01.03.2013, 03:37:


Sure! Here's mine:


There's a Psycle group too moderated by Sallecta:


Unfortunately, the group is not much active.

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From ksn on 01.03.2013, 11:34:


ok, following you and joined the group
mine (i'm just starting using it) is https://soundcloud.com/ksn_iod

@ksniod on twitter

From dark_virus on 01.03.2013, 13:50:


Cool! Following you too!

I'm not so into social networks, but I must say Soundcloud is a great place to meet cool people, skilled under-the-radar producers and great music.

Hope to see other psycledelics there!

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From ALY on 15.06.2013, 00:47:


every one on soundcloud:
"why donīt you join the group" https://soundcloud.com/groups/psyclers

From Sallecta on 08.12.2013, 18:42:

  new moderator/owner on Psyclers at SoundCloud

Since I've moved to Xubuntu Psycle is no longer my DAW tool.
Sorry about that, Psycle is great mature DAW for Windows. Big thanks for that product!

I want official Psycle team members to start moderation the Psyclers at SoundCloud.
Please contact me, and I'll do all necessary steps (free, of course).

I think the best solution is to move ownership of Psyclers at SoundCloud from me to some official Psycle team member (listed at this board as moderator/developer). But I really don't know if it possible. Anyway, moderator rights will be enough to keep the page alive.

Thank you one more time!

From Sallecta on 08.12.2013, 18:48:

  added KSN to moderators group

Now KSN is moderator. Any ideas how to change the owner/creator of the group at SoundCloud?

From ALY on 21.12.2013, 21:52:


Hey Sellecta

I am sorry to read that you do leave pscle ... and I would be very interested of your choice of linux alternatives ... cause I did loose the attention some years ago about linux [last one i did tried was Jack-Lab] nice idea but it had get lost till now I do think ...

lg alex

From deetloss on 05.01.2014, 08:07:


I've been using Psycle for a long time and use it in all of my work...figured I'd stop by and share some creations.


From ksn on 13.01.2014, 01:00:


Original by Sallecta
Now KSN is moderator. Any ideas how to change the owner/creator of the group at SoundCloud?

Hello Sallecta. I tried to change the group presentation to include de Google+ pages, but as a moderator i can't

@ksniod on twitter

From Sallecta on 13.01.2014, 08:42:

  dirty workaround

Hi, Ksn

Unfortunately soundcloud has no advanced user management in groups.
Please see your PM inbox to workaround this issue.

From ksn on 13.01.2014, 10:43:


Ok thank you Sallecta !

@ksniod on twitter

From sorath72 on 10.05.2015, 01:11:


Here is my soundcloud and selling 4089 game Official Soundtrack done mostly on psycle tracker with vsts.


From Directionless on 18.09.2017, 05:20:



I will necropost, if you don't mind, to report my soundcloud:


Unfortunately, I am not currently using Psycle. But I <3 Psycle and have used it more than any tracker.. runner up being Impulse Tracker.

I still use a tracker now. I just had to switch because I make heavy use of studio synthesizers and for that I need robust MIDI routing. For that reason even, I should be using industry standard DAWs but I think I am tracker 4 Life.

So all that said, I love Psycle very much. Without it, I wouldn't be doing what I am today with music production.

My very first tune on my soundcloud is a Psycle production... and one of the ones after that has just received a new repost and 50-something listens (which is a lot for my humble channel). So that's all psycle right there.

I also subscribe to the the psyclers and interact often with A-L-Y on SC.

Hope you're all well... and where is SAS!!?

From dark_virus on 21.09.2017, 20:56:


Hey man, glad to see you around!

The community seems a little quiet right now, but I like to think that the Psycledelics are working secretly just to come out with a great music compilation, lol!

Good to know you're into music that much. What are you using right now? I remember you were using Renoise, right?

I miss SAS music. First class Trance productions and a cool guy too! I still have some of his tracks, including a colab between you two, a Depeche Mode cover of John the Revelator.

Keep in touch.

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