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From Angelus on 19.01.2013, 19:47:

  LADSPA plugin loader

By chance I've found a Ladspa to VST plugin wrapper. It loads any ladspa plugin compiled for Windows. If you want to try it you can download the file from [THIS LINK]. It was developed by Polac (well known due to his VST loaders for Buzz), and it comes with the sources (GPL).

When it is initialized for first time (in "check for new plugins" or "regenerate plugin cache") it asks for the ladspa plugin folder. There's a problem: all the plugins recognized by this wrapper are named "ladspashell.dll" in the Psycle's plugin tree. You can check which plugin is by looking at its name in the Machine properties of the New machine window.

You can get Windows ladspa plugins from Audacity's website or Hydrogen.



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