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From liquid boy on 25.11.2012, 12:19:

  even more

incredibly creative name for the track.
I took Agnelus' pad design file, and blatantly ripped it into this.
my first (and not very creative) use of the amen break.


not sure about the long tune thing, there are overtones with the phantom machine, make it sound a bit cheap to me, but i'm not sure how to fix it.

you'll need filterone
also the Kjaerhus Audio classic plugins (they are no longer around apparently)


From Angelus on 25.11.2012, 16:09:


Nice one!

Suggestion: The sub-bass will need some work too.

I remember now that I've performed a D&B version of that file. You can hear the demo clicking [THIS LINK]. Maybe it can give some ideas.


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From liquid boy on 25.11.2012, 22:26:


what would you change about it? were some of the frequencies not quite right?


From Angelus on 30.11.2012, 19:23:


Ok, I was playing a bit with your song. You can download it from [THIS LINK] (it's zipped).

This is what I've done:
- I added some dw_eq and highpass filters (HPF) in the other instruments/mixer inputs to remove sub-bass frequencies to give space to the bass.
- Bass: Added an instance of softsat psycle plugin to the bass, to improve it's presence giving some soft saturation. I've added a NYCompressor (side compression) to improve the punch of the bass
- Cymbal: Added an autopan instance in cymbal chain to give it some stereo movement. Added a side compressor too to improve its transients. Some eq touch too.
- Pad: Changed the range of cutoff frequencies and the range of Q (resonance) of FilterONE. I've moved up the range of frequencies of the filter because there was a gap upwards in the spectrum of the song where it could fit better.
- Drums: (1) The break: Added a Hass effect instance to make the sample stereo (just a small touch). (2) Snare: Some small eq changes. (3) Shaker: Some chorus to make it stereo. (4) Output: Added some eq and a side compressor to improve the punch.
- Mastering: A simple chain with 1 eq instance and 2 compressors. I've removed the Audacity compressor and inserted a soft compressor and a limiter. At the end there's an instance of Voxengo SPAN plugin to analyze the output.

I've tested this song with a set of hifi speakers in flat mode, but I don't know if it will sound fine in your configuration. As always to get better results it will need more work but I hope this will be useful for you.


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From liquid boy on 30.11.2012, 21:16:


sweet, when i get a chance, i'll listen to it.
i'm using some big old 70's NZ made speakers, though a jvc amp, which does have a fairly flat reponse, so hopefully it'll translate well


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