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From silkjoke on 03.07.2012, 16:28:

triplet in one beat?


I just started using Psycle,
I have encountered one problem:

If my song setting 4 lines per beat ,
How can i make a triplet in one beat?

thx .

From shadowbane on 08.07.2012, 01:18:


With 4 lines per beat it may be possible to use the note delay command (there is a list of commands in the help files)

The easy way is to change the song to use 12 lines per beat, this allows you to use the timings from 4 and 3 feels at the same time.

the shadow runs form the light, but can never be fully driven back.

From silkjoke on 11.07.2012, 15:23:


Thanks a lot for your reply,

"12 lines per beat " can work, but this will make my song
too complicated to enter notes.

i will try the note delay command,didn't notice that in the help files ,thx!

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