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From AC on 14.06.2012, 08:37:

  Wave In Recorder - Not getting Sound


I am trying to record guitar sounds into the wave in recorder using a Mackie Onyx Satellite Interface. In the configuration Menu I see the following options in the dropdown menu. I tried all of them and get no sound.

Sound Driver: WindowsWaveOutMME, Direct Sound Output, ASIO 2.2 Output, Windows Wasapi Interface

Configure: Analog Out 1-2 (Mackie Onyx Satellite)

In the Machine View:

I have connected the wave in recorder to the master. I also clicked on the Capture Device Analog In 1-2 (Mackie Onyx Satellite)

Can someone tell me what I am dong wrong? Thank you.

From shadowbane on 15.06.2012, 18:54:


I suggest using a dedicated recording program to record your guitar sounds. The wave in recorder is finicky and causes no end of headaches when it is used. For audio recording and wav editing I recommend Audacity. Also, the wav in recorder doesn't work with all of the audio drivers, don't know which ones work though..

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